Affiliate Software - Specific Requirements

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Evening guys,

I'm back looking for a software recommendation.

For years, I've used Ultimate Affiliate from I'm now looking for a new solution that has 2 specific features:

1. The ability for the affiliate to send prospects to any page on my site they choose.

2. The ability to automatically generate a PayPal "mass pay" formatted file on payment day.

Obviously, I'm going to look around but if anyone can give me a head start, I'd be grateful.


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  • Profile picture of the author chriswight
    Post Affiliate Pro- hands down. You might wait a while though, as they're about to release a new version.
    • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
      Thanks Chris.

      When I saw your post, I searched through some stuff and found that I bought Post Affiliate Pro last year but didn't get round to implementing it!

      So, I need to work out what's in their new version before I jump into installing the one I have.

      Thanks again.



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