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Hey everybody!

I am looking for a program that will create headers for a WP blog.

It needs to be newbie friendly and while free is great I don't mind paying for a really good program that will produce a sharp looking header.

Any suggestions?

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    I would recommend XHeader.com
    They have a free version that includes 500 header designs,
    and a paid version with about 10 times that number.
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    If you're using the default TwentyTen theme, you can upload any graphic you want as long as it fits the requisite dimensions.

    Some themes you'll find on wordpress.org have the ability to replace the header graphic as well.

    For those that don't, you'd simply need to replace the header.jpg file in the theme's folder (or whatever it's named) with an image file of the same dimensions.

    What I'm trying to say is ... any program that lets you manipulate graphics, like Photoshop, will let you create your own replacement header graphic.

    If you're talking about something that alters the LAYOUT or STYLE of the theme, that's something else entirely. There's some software that starts with an 'A' ... I'm drawing a blank right now.

    There are also premium themes that let you lay out the header using whatever graphics you want.

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    Yeah, I just had a discussion with someone about PS.

    $699 to design headers just isn't in my reality right now plus the learning curve......

    Originally Posted by Trinidad View Post

    actaully, all my wp sites bacground and header are designed by hand with photoshop. i think it is the best ever
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    I'm using XHeader.com try it.
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    I'll have to make another vote for XHeader. It's not Photoshop but it's free and it works really good for basic to intermediate headers. You can paste images and have a few different type styles and effects.
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    I get my custom headers designed for around $50 for the 2010 wordpress sites I do for local businesses. I found the company on Elance & I use them all the time now…

    But you can get them made up for as little as $5 from Fiverr …

    If you do use Fiverr though just becarful that the images they are using are licenced. Or do what I do and buy the $1 images from Fotolia or Istock and supply them to the Fiverr Gig that you hire, that way you know you’re safe and you can get a rearly good looking custom heaser for under $10

    Wishing you every success
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    I use Gimp and Aviary.com which is a free online tool, both are free to use, and gimp is as good as photoshop

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