[HELP] Paypal Asking for Bank Account Details

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Hi, I tried to purchase something today with Paypal, but it ended up with error. Then I login to my Paypal account to check the problem and got this message.

Security Measures

We are currently performing regular maintenance of our security measures. Your account has been randomly selected for this maintenance, and you will now be taken through a series of identity verification pages.

Protecting the security of your PayPal account is our primary concern, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Bank Account Information
It is asking me to enter Bank account number and Name of Bank. This PP account is around 4 years old and I verified it using my bank account. Now its asking me again to go through the verification process.

Is it normal from Paypal? I mean I haven't seen anything like this ever with my Paypal accounts..

What you guys think? Can I provide my Bank details again?
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    Paypal does this from time to time. I also get this occasionally. Just be sure to log into your Paypal account using paypal.com. Do not click the link through the email you receive as it is from hackers trying to steal your money.
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    I guess you have to enter your bank routing code.

    Make sure you enter all the details correctly. Otherwise you will end up frustrated.
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    Wow,,thanx guyz for quick reply..
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    Although it can get irritating but that's their security measure.
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    I read this one a paypal blog, on how to avoid getting banned.

    "You NEVER want to log into an old PayPal account using your New IP address or cookies"

    Full Statement:
    Being Linked to a Previously Limited Account:
    PayPal’s system is always scanning activity, they scan IP logs, they scan
    Cookies, and they scan activity. You NEVER want to log into an old PayPal
    account using your New IP address or cookies.
    You never want make that
    mistake, otherwise PayPal will catch on to that and flag you right away.
    Even if you change the IP, clear the cookies and not the flash cookies, you
    will still be linked and PayPal will flag that and suspend it. So don’t make
    that mistake. It’s going to be very important for you NOT to cross

    Can you verify that above instruction......does it mean this:

    Does that mean you shoudlnt log from 1 paypal account, log out, then 5 minutes later log in with another paypal account, on the same computer (same IP address)?

    so you shouldnt log in to 2-3 paypal address of your own on the same computer, with the same Ip address?
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    And to explain why I know so much about PayPal security... so that people don't think I'm on the other side of the fence when it comes to online security.

    I do a Lot of things through the internet to bring an income for my business and my employees. The core of it all is/was eBay. I sell anywhere between 1-6 suppliers products on 1 eBay account. This is often about 2,000 items, roughly. I sell things for about 80 suppliers. If you do the math, you see that I have several eBay accounts and PayPal. This is legal, and I am not breaking their ToS or any laws. Each account is represented by a branch of my business, umbrellaed by several LLC's. However, PayPal does not like it when someone has more than one PayPal business/premier account, but I don't operate anything I do as a sol person, it's all operated as separate legal entities. This used to cause me issues because I was constantly getting flagged by PayPal and PayPal CSR's are not very understanding, most did not even know what a LLC was. (could you blame them? They have a lot of kids working straight out of high school and while in college) Ever had $200,000 frozen by PayPal? I have. To their defense, that kind of money has always been cleared up within a couple days, but I have lost a couple thousands in the process, even just a couple weeks ago. PayPal is VERY automated, that it got worse and worse. Finally I smartened up and adopted a more technical approach to prevent the linking of accounts, and I started using a variation of merchants and PayFlow Pro. Now I run without any hiccups. (well, not really, we all have hiccups.)

    If you think "Oh, why not just use one eBay account and one PayPal account?" - you obviously do not use eBay.
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    I was told once that if anything unusual will be happening to inform them first.

    If you are going on holiday and want to log on while away, drop them an e-mail and ask if they need to know anything to avoid flagging.

    If you are about to launch a product and expect you will see unusually large activity, again, drop them a mail explaining what will happen.

    Then when a flag happens a human will see in the log that you pre-warned and you may not have any issues of re-verifying.
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    Thanks to all who took time to reply for my query. And for my issue, after I have provided my bank account details again and updated password and security questions, I was greeted with the good old "Your Account access is limited". I checked email and saw the usual Paypal email saying that there was suspicious login activities from multiple locations, blah blah blah..This is the second time PP limiting my account..Heck

    This was a premier account. My business account was freezed 4 months ago, saying same reason. Its not resolved yet. I used to login to PP from Office, My Lappy , Phone and thru my Home PC. So thats where the multiple logins come from?? :|

    This account has some $600 in it and I need atleast $100 per month on any paypal account to pay off my hosting,domain and other expenses..So what can I do now? From my past experience, I don't think PP will lift limitation soon enough..So only option left for me is to create a fresh PP account and find a way to load it with few 100 bucks before I start seeing my domains expiring..

    2 Things I hate about Paypal:

    1)They don't provide Seller Protection for Digital Goods
    2)They will freeze your account at unexpected times for silly reasons (<--Really Wierd)

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