Over 1 million optins, neither Aweber or GetResponse are good for me, whats's next?

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Hi there,

Dan here, I have over 1 million optins between multiple accounts with both companies, Aweber and Getresponse.

Aweber stop working for me the day they force me to go double optin, single optin works a lot better for me, since my marketing is all in spanish, and part of the confirmation message for the double optin process is in english (forced) I get very poor conversion to double optin.

Since then I'm working with GetResponse and they are good, but guess what, today I get an email from their Enterprise Manager telling me that my account is growing to fast (more than 46,000 new optins last week) and he's offering me (forcing me) to upgrade to their dedicated server solution (DEDA) which is even more expensive.

I need your advice!

I'm growing my lists very fast, but it's getting very expensive and very hard to find a right solution, does anyone runs a list with more than 1mm subscribers here?
Can you please help me find the right solution?

Thank you very much,
Dan Goldsmit
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    Compañero! 1 Million+??? I'm with GR on this. You definitely need a dedicated solution.

    I recommend paying GR the money and finding a way to monetize your list better. How much are they asking for anyways?

    If not, you'll need to build a dedicated autoresponder server solution yourself. And that will be a lot harder than simply paying the money to GR. The headaches involved are substantial.

    You can't really just 'transfer' to another provider because...

    a) most providers will not allow you to import 1 million single optin emails
    b) if they do allow it, they'll make your entire list double optin before allowing you to use their service.
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    Que Pasa,

    This sounds a little too good to be true 46k in one week? If that's the case you should create an ebook or other marketing product on how you did it, There would be alot of takers :-)

    Why not keep searching out different autoresponder companies, maybe even some in other spanish speaking countries including Spain itself.

    I know aweber and getresponse are the two majors, but they are not the only companies online that offer autoresponders.

    Also you can lead them to a page which spells out what they need to do to (step by step) double optin and be subscribed to your newsletter.
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      My friend, if you have over 1 million opt ins and you can't afford a dedicated
      server solution, then there is something terribly wrong with your business

      I have less than 5,000 members in my lists and earn over 6 figures a year.

      You need to look at what you're doing and see where the problem is because
      with that kind of subscription rate, you should be richer than Allen Says
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      The downside of growth...

      Just bite the bullet with GR's dedicated hosting.

      Shouldn't really even be a factor as an "expense".

      From the sounds of it, you'll need all the write-offs you can get.

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      When you get that big, you need to get your own dedicated solution.

      Seems to me this is the only way around this.

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    In this case the best option is dedicated server:
    1) dedicated server + mailing software as complete service from one provider;
    2) you buy a mailing list software (script) for a one time fee and put it on your dedicated (managed) server you lease for a monthly fee.

    The second option is cheaper, the first one is more expensive.
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      Thank you all for your answers.

      Let me just give you more details about my case so you will understand why my needs are kind of different.

      1.- My business is doing very well, and we can afford GR solution or others, I just need to find the right one.
      2.- My lists are all from spanish speaking users (Latin America countries mainly) so the conversion rates, are a lot different from what you are used to, I can easily tell you that I convert easily 10 times less or more from what you do

      Why? many reasons, LatinAmerican users are not very used to buy online (yet) and also the economical and cultural status is a lot different from the US, or European users. Anyway, the business is completely different in numbers from what a regular IM targeting US, UK, etc.. We get a lot of traffic (tons of it) we convert a lot to prospects and then we work very hard in creating a relationship with the user, and become an authority so they will trust us and buy from us.

      So yes we can afford to pay more, but we need to make sure that the solution will be able to give us full control over the process and messages the user get's to optin, double optin, optout, etc. so we can translate them to spanish.

      On the other side does somebody use the GR DEDA solutions? do you recommend it?

      Dan Goldsmit
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    With such a big list u have gotten, I'm sure u are earning a decent amount. So why don;t you invest it to built your business more ?
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      Originally Posted by WinsonYeung View Post

      With such a big list u have gotten, I'm sure u are earning a decent amount. So why don;t you invest it to built your business more ?
      This is what I´m looking for!

      I want to invest to go to the next level, I just want to know if someone can assist me with this kind of big lists, you need a reliable company to habdle your deliverability, any one?

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    Unfortunately Infusionsoft will not be a solution for you. There is a lot of hype, but under the hood there is a motorcycle engine ...
    There is little support of international characters in the application and you will have to send out html emails for Spanish words to be displayed right.

    Forget about plain text emails - all other characters come out as question marks. Grrreat ... :-(

    But here is the kicker: all subject lines are totally messed up if you use any sort of non-standard-US character.

    Here is a recent Infusionsoft subject line from none other than Yannik silver: =?ANSI_X3.4-1968?Q?[maverick_insider]_3_BIG_annou?=?ANSI_X3.4-1968?Q?ncements_re:_Underground=3F_5...?=‏

    His Aweber subject line: 3 BIG announcements re: Underground® 5‏

    His downfall was the registered character. Same crap happens with cedillas, umlauts etc.

    The names and addresses store correctly, but do not display properly in screens and reports. Very trying and infuriating ...

    Add to that that you can only use USD in the shopping cart and you have an application that is limping through international direct marketing.

    It looks nice on paper, but it is still a software dinosuar and judging the responses from their support dept. it is going to take a very, very, very, very, very long time before this is fixed.

    In order to circumnavigate these limitations, you have to be very careful in setting up your templates etc. and use other shopping carts - which then bring extra expense and complication - which actually it is being sold to eliminate.

    Apart from that, some other international users say that their deliverability is not good.

    Best of luck with your project
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    I would build my own custom system and not leave my list up to some other company.. Would it cost ? Well sure but you have already had problems and in order to not run into those problems later on it's best to build your own system the way you want it..

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      Originally Posted by TheRichJerksNet View Post

      I would build my own custom system and not leave my list up to some other company.. Would it cost ? Well sure but you have already had problems and in order to not run into those problems later on it's best to build your own system the way you want it..

      Hi James,

      I totally agree with you and thanks for the advice!

      The issue is not the system, is the deliverability with the ISPs, and warming the IPs and many other techie challenges that need great knowledge, does anybody knows about this? how to get help? where?

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    Dear Dangol

    Just some clarifications on Infusionsoft. There is a entry cost, a monthly charge and there probably would be an extra charge for that main clients.

    The shopping cart does support uk, ZA and any dollar curreny as long as you have the merchant account and in country prossor who is intergrated to Infisionsoft. Same for Sales Foms (your paypal account is set to the main currency that your paypal is set to in the shopping cart) I have clients with USD, NZ, AUD, UK Pound accounts in one system.

    The very good piont about Infusionsoft for you is that it really does allow you to set up systems that deliver very personalised messages dependant on what the client does. Added to that the use of the API can really Turbo power things.

    Quartel is very correct when he highlights the issues with non English Charaters in the Database itself and in the Email system. Their are work arounds but they do take effort and careful testing.

    Hope this helps
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    Try upgrading to autoresponder plus, for more extensive and flexible options, you can manage up to 800,000 on their program. Another great one to consider is Responsys, which is one of the top level email service providers, many people have reccomeneded it to me! Hope this assists!

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