My first two sales!

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Hey everyone. I am so excited.

My laptop died- but I'm not excited about tha,t it'd be weird. anyways. my laptop died so I didn't have a comp for a while. Luckily everything was backed up.

So I was at my grandma's helping her with some stuff and I asked if I could use her computer to check my email. I went to click bank and I had a sale, august 8th the same day I checked.

Well I just built a new computer, so I went on today, and guess what, another sale. I am excited. I've made 50 dollars so far.

I am a little confused thought. The product I am selling is 75% commision. So my first sale was about 30 dollars. Though the second sale- on the same products- was 20 dollars.

does that make sense.

anyways, gotta go get some more sales.

thanks for all the great advice on here, it's really good stuff..
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    Congrats on your first sales, this is always a great feeling.

    You need to check with the affiliate program stats to understand what happen.

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    You keep working on it. The sales will come. Congratulations.

    Ken Leatherman
    The Old Geezer
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      It's a motivating feeling -those first sales. And you know, that great feeling doesn't go away.

      It's different when you are getting paid in direct relationship to the effort you put out and not because you get a paycheck every two weeks - even if your effort isn't your best.

      Keep going!

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