Anyone else having problems with your PDF's,DLguard & FireFox??

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After getting rather close to tossing my laptop out the window time and time again, I don't think that I'm getting any closer to a solution so I'm reaching out to my fellow warriors to see if they are having the same or similar issues with DLguard and their PDF's.

Here's the problem:

When you go to my download area ( I have 2 main products and 18 bonuses) and try just opening the file by clicking the download link, or saving it by right clicking save as it works just fine and loads or saves as the proper pdf....IF you are using Internet Explorer and Safari.

The problem comes in when using firefox. If you use firefox, it opens as an unknown file at which point you have to browse and select pdf. If you download it than it downloads as a zip file and than when trying to open the zip file are promoted with an error.

I'm using firefox 3 by the way, and I've already checked with a couple of people and they are having the same problem downloading my files too.

I'm wondering if firefox 3 and Dlguard are not compatible?? I don't know...anyone else have this problem before with dlguard, their files and firefox?

Any ideas on a fix??

Anyone!! I'm going nuts here!!! LOL

P.S. Sam and already have an open ticket through his support line but so far we can't seem to find a fix for this.
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    Is this problem with a direct download (.e.g., /folder/book.pdf) or redirect (e.g., something.php?redirect=1234&somethingelse=etc)?
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      It's a direct download issue. When someone pays through clickbank and then are taken to the download and click the "download" button thats where all the problems come in.

      Are you familiar with how Dlguard works?

      Thanks for the response!

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