How much $ for a PR5 7 yr old domain name?

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I don't want to mention the name now but I just picked it up and I am debating what to do with it? Any idea what it might be worth?
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    Depends on:

    a) market it's in
    b) traffic
    c) income and of itself the age and PR does matter. I've sold a PR5 for 31k before...I've sold a PR0 for 22k...I've sold others with income from all 'depends' ;-)

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    Do you have only a domain name or the whole website? How much organic traffic does it receive? How much income does it generate?
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      Does it have any incoming links?
      Has it ever been "blacklisted"?
      Was it a porn, spam or shady site?
      What is it's history?

      Sean is right. Age & PR are not the most important things.
      What's more important is what the DN itself is.
      3-letter DN's are HOT PROPERTIES!
      1-word generic, ecommerce DN's are HOT PROPERTIES!

      It's worth whatever someone who wants it really badly is willing to pay for it.
      "WHERE" you sell it can impact how much you'll get for it.

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