Wordpress Pages vs Posts: Which Ranks Better Longterm?

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For Wordpress users out there:

Which type of content is ranking higher in the long run for you? Your posts or your pages?

Has anyone created a Wordpress site with pure page content? If so, how's it doing seo-wise?

I know Google will penalize blogs that do not update frequently. But will they penalize the pages also?

I'm thinking pages may be a better way to build a mini-site. I don't really care much for the pinging. There's other ways to get indexed quickly (-cough EZA-).
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    Posts, but only because they attract more links. My pages tend to be services and so on, stuff that people rarely link to. That said, I have sites that are all pages that use WP just as a CMS and those pages rank fine.

    Added: I don't believe Google penalizes sites that don't update, they just rank sites that are attracting links, clicks and awareness higher
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      I don't know if you'll be able to find solid comparisons but logically and logistically, posts can have more links depending on your theme.

      Frank Bruno

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