Forgive me Karl :/

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So I made a stupid post saying yo in the main discussion.
The first guy who replied was Karl saying: "Is this the place to do sort of things. I think I know who is going on my ignore list"

I cant compete with someone who has over 4000 posts and has valuable reputation and skill to back it up.

Sorry man

The only thing that bugs me is I'we got an kick in the mouth from the guy who actually can help me out in this IM biz since we are in the same basket doing graphics.

Once again forgive me
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    Hey buddy...

    no worries, I didn't end up adding you to the ignore list although it was a waste of space in the main forum.

    No need to compete either, there's TONS of work to go round.

    Kindest regards,
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      Good to know that

      I see everybody recommends you. Your PM inbox must have tons of people asking you to do graphics for them.

      I always wanted to do graphics for cash - but not on the freelancer sites since the pay is too low for me.

      Nothing beats the feeling when you see a happy warrior saying thanks and mentions you in his/hers posts ^^

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