you're not my friend!

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So... you want to find out....

Ok, here's the deal. I don't want to come across as rude, and I do see my
fellow warriors as my third family, but I want you to consider your friend

I want to ask you an honest question..

Who's on your friend list, and what are they doing there..?? Just hang on, let me explain.

I like friends, and think that the forum friend feature is a valuable tool for networking
and getting to know fellow warriors, but all that value goes of having such a useful
tool goes to waste when everyone is asking to be friends!

Ok, once again, let me stress, those that are on my friends list, I like having you there,
and this is NOT a brake up , but I it would be great if we would use this feature for
people we are actually interested in getting to know and do business with. Or people

we somehow want to relate to, whether we like their posts or want to ask them for advice,
that is cool. But just going around adding every new member to your friend list
takes away the value of the people that matter on that list.

Do you get my drift..???

If you don't get me, then maybe it's a culture thing, but I don't want everyone on my
friends list, only those who actually pm me and are in contact with me.

Do you agree???

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    I hear what your saying.

    It's not a popularity contest...well for most its not...for me it's about knowledge. If I can learn something from someone and their WILLING to share with me then all the better. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours kind of deal.

    • Profile picture of the author mrmcd
      Originally Posted by cylwac View Post

      You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
      thanks cylwac for your response!

      With the scratching thing, yes I think it's good, but if you have like 200 people on your friends list, you're going to run out of fingernails! Possibly, even toenails...
  • Profile picture of the author Chris W. Sutton
    Do I have to know you well in order for you to be my friend? I like the idea of getting to know people better. This is one good way to do that. If you didn't choose to be on my friends list or whatever, so be it. (And I'm not talking about the OP...this thread just got me thinking about all the "why you're not on my friends list" threads I've seen so far.) I am not going to stress over who is and who is not on my friends list. It's a cool feature, but I suspect some are making a bigger deal about it than it has to be.
    And here I thought I was something special! Now, I find out you will take just any ole person who comes stumbling down the pike! I'm just really not sure that I will be able to overcome THIS emotional letdown!
    • Profile picture of the author Fabian Tan
      Definitely agree with what you're saying! It's a trivial thing though I guess. It happens with this 'social' thing going on the Internet. People just add friends or accept the friend requests and move on with their day.

  • Profile picture of the author luckystar
    Realy iam not your friend, and i will never want to be one. Reason beign that you have no much to share with your friends.

    Going by your idea, you can form a team of friends with a force of acquiring new ones to dance to your tone.

    Remember, it is not getting friends matters rather keeping them. so, are you telling me that you can't keep them?
    • Profile picture of the author Scott Ames
      It doesn't bother me at all if somone wants to be my friend on this site, myspace, facebook, whatever. Unless they do something that really bugs me, there is no reason for me to reject them. I don't think it hurts anything to have a big list of friends.
    • Profile picture of the author mrmcd
      Originally Posted by luckystar View Post

      Realy iam not your friend, and i will never want to be one. Reason beign that you have no much to share with your friends.

      Going by your idea, you can form a team of friends with a force of acquiring new ones to dance to your tone.

      Remember, it is not getting friends matters rather keeping them. so, are you telling me that you can't keep them?
      thanks for your comment lyckystar, but I think you miss understand my point. My goal here was not to get personal, but to use the friendlist feature to actually build a network of "friends" you ether learn from or "friends" that you're going to do business with.

      This thread is not about getting personal.

      If have a large friendlist, because you have a lot of friends here, then that's great.

      But if you have a large friendlist just because you add everyone to your friendlist, then I think you are not realy benefiting from this feature as much as you could. yes, you might get some exposure from being on others friendlist, but this tool can be more affective and usefully used.

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