Youtube: average click through rate for affiliate links in video description?

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what percentage of the viewers of a video usually click through to an affiliate link in the video description field?

thanks warriors!
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    I have no idea, but I'm guessing it's very small. I advise you have a watermark on your video that clearly tells your visitor where you want them to go.
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    Always feels like practically none, to me. But I looked, and I get 1.3% CTR.

    I looked at a one month period, and a four month period, and both CTRs were 1.3%.

    I have no idea whether that's typical or not. I'm curious too.
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    I've had success with affiliate marketing with ONE freaking video and it included a good looking girl reviewing a product. CTR was 4% if I remember correctly and I barely broke even (since I had to hire the actress and find the product).

    I've found much better success with Facebook than I ever did with Youtube.
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    Ya it really has to be focused with youtube. I would say a 1% clickthrough rate is near average or even slightly better than average. But if your video is focused to exactly what your affiliate link or site is about than it will be all the better.

    Also, whatever you are doing, try to find a way to entertain them and then hit them with an offer at the end of the video, in a creative way. Just use your imagination and test it out.

    Also, I'd say use something pixelpipe to send your video to more video sites, quickly.

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