Multiple Streams Of Income?

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I am a believer in creating multiple streams of income. Anyone else?
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    Yes, indeed. One of my regular guests on a radio show I hosted for a year here in NYC, Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad..." fame has been enthusiastic about multiple income streams for years, some joint venture, some direct sales. Of course, it's all about doing your due diligence as well as finding what hits your "hot button." I like this one since it deals with a number of FORTUNE 500 companies and ties in current web trends, too: Welcome to MyShoppingGenie!
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    Of course

    I primarily make money from...
    - Licensing my stock photos through multiple distributers
    - Selling articles and reports w/PLR rights
    - Selling reports and ebooks direct to consumers
    - Selling tangible products through various affiliate networks
    - AdSense, CPA, and other advertising on content websites

    Eventually I'll also add tax leins, stocks, small business loans, and various other things.

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