How do you make $80 a day while you sleep?

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I would love to work at something really hard once, and have it make me money without work eventually.

What are different ways I can make $80 a day while I sleep.

I would love to hear your advice.
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    Just about every tactic that makes money that's talked about on this forum can make you $80 in your sleep.

    You just have to do the work beforehand.
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    make tons of keyword ranked articles that sends people to a GOOD squeeze page to make an email list.

    THEN! make a good email follow up. make it as long as you want. make sure you provide good info while 'selling'(giving priced tips).

    create more articles and more articles.

    get a nice good CTR for good traffic.


    what you need?
    -squeeze page?(hosting,domain)look for free wp themes
    -autoresponder? (try listwire)
    -article directories account. try ezine/articlebase/buzzle...etc etc
    -products to promote...clickbank/cpa

    umm idk. look around the forum!
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    do what nowk says, but instead of sending your traffic to a squeeze page, put AdSense on the pages and watch the passive income roll...
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    If I were you, I would setup a system to build a list and just focus on pushing traffic to building that list. It will take time, but your time will be well spent.

    By the way, this thread is sort of funny because everyone wants to make money while we are asleep lol. I think your first goal should be to make your first $1 while you're awake.
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    Thanks for the real example. Most folks totally ignore swaps.
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    Let me see:

    1. Tell myself that I will dream about making $80/day.
    2. Go to sleep.
    3. As soon as I lucid dream, grow my money tree and take out $80/day.
    4. Rinse and repeat.

    I make a million dollars a day in my sleep, seriously. However, there is no way I can get it out of Dreamland and into reality. Or else I'd be a trillionaire by now haha.

    In all seriousness, what you are talking about is automated income, which doesn't exist. There is, however, passive income. You still must work at it but you CAN take a few days or even a few weeks off and it will make you money. Passive income will NOT, however, make you money for the rest of your life without you working, which is what the nonexistant automated income would do.
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    I'm paraphrasing here, but I read a quote/joke here a while ago that said something like "Internet Marketers work 12 hours a day to earn money during the 4 hours that they sleep."

    I would think that almost anything you can do in the IM world, other than marketing services, can make you money while you sleep.
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    Haha, Mattward! Too true.
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    Correct me if I am wrong but this is how I think a niche site should work. Everything after setting up the niche site for clickbank is automated. Well right, article marketing is not but you do this beforehand to get traffic. Targeted traffic will bring the money to your site and its all automated as well.

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    One way to make passive income is to have other people working for you. For example, a ClickBank vendor can make lots of passive income after launching his or her product because there are other people (affiliates) to help do the legwork.

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