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I'm going to do something I don't normally do, combine two totally different
topics in one post because they actually do tie in to each other, at least
loosely. After I'm done, you'll see why.

I went to check my EZA stats and was greeted by all these bar graphs of
my article views. They now show you what your most viewed articles are
by month...really cool.

Anyway, I was looking at some of the views of my more popular articles. I
don't normally even care because I know that ultimately my article writing is
making me money.

But today I really saw why.

Articles that I wrote well over a year ago are still getting a decent number
of monthly views, which explains why my daily opt ins are increasing at
an arithmetically progressive rate.

Now, my IM related articles (make money online niche) now total over
1,000. So I can understand the income they're generating.

But...I just recently started another niche that I only have 45 articles for.
Think about this...45 articles. That's not a lot.

And yet, this niche is now bringing me in sales on a daily basis.

I can only imagine what kind of an income this niche will bring me once I've
reached several hundred articles.

I can't even imagine the income once I've hit 1,000.

Point is, the niche you tackle can make such a HUGE difference in the
results you get, even with just a small amount of promotion.

Article writing, in general, for some niches is a lot more effective than for
the IM niche, which is what I've been primarily writing in for years now.

Just more statistics to make me wish that I had avoided the IM niche from
the very start and just concentrated on niches where...

refunds are fewer
people are less skeptical
competition isn't as fierce

I'm certainly not going to give up my main source of income, but boy, my
life could have been so much easier had I gone in another direction.

Something to think about if you're first starting out.
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  • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
    No doubt Steve there are some really hungry and rabid niches besides IM out there.

    The good thing about IM is that its almost like a service, a b2b service where there is an ROI when you sell something to your customer and you can keep selling to them over and over even without a subscription or membership.

    But good to hear your new good fortunes........

    Frank Bruno
  • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
    One could really diversify their clientel, by writing an article per day for 30 days. Then changing to a different niche each month. You could really attack sub/micro niches for a big niche this way... or you could do completely different niches to diversify your clients each month.

    After a while you have probably built up a lot small lists, which if something great was released in any one of these niches, you could promote and make sales from it easily, and not have to worry about when your email promo slot will be free.
  • Profile picture of the author napoleonfirst
    Thanks man, really good info.
  • Profile picture of the author CDawson
    like always, I already knew this post was worth reading. That is very inspirational Steven, when I first started IM I automatically wanted to get into the IM niche but the enormous amount of competition scared me away in heart beat. I do agree with you though there are some untapped niches out there that are in need of marketing and can be way more profiting than the IM niche.
  • Profile picture of the author Rachel Rofe
    Wow, surprising to hear you don't think that 45 articles are a lot!

    1,000 articles for a niche... crazy. I thought my 55 in one niche was a lot!
    • Profile picture of the author Frank Bruno
      The new stats graphs are really a great new feature, but I don't like looking sideways at the new stat graphs. lol

      Frank Bruno
  • Profile picture of the author Ouroboros
    I agree with you on that Steven, but don't you love those graphs! I actually think they went online while I was bumbling around in my account. One minute they weren't there and then the next WOW!

    I think they'll make a great deal for data-analysis, wish I could group them by niche.

    They're also a bit humbling when you see that article you ground out and sent in unedited beating the crap out of that one you spent all of a Sunday afternoon trying to perfect!

    • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
      Stephen... that is useful information indeed. I post intel (their name for articles) on Qassia from time to time... and seems like some the articles I wrote in 5 minutes with no editing fare better than the ones I spend hours laboring over. Maybe I should submit a request for that to be added to Qassia.

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