What is paypal sandbox?

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What is the paypal sandbox?

and how can it be used to marketers advantage?

is it the same as the google sandbox?:confused:
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    Not the same as the mythical Google sandbox.

    The paypal sandbox is real, and it is for programmers to test payment software, before running real transactions.
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    PayPal Sandbox is a Test Account for Testing only.
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    Google doesn't bite you if you search..

    PayPal Sandbox - Google Search

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    Sandbox IS a real technical term that refers to some sort of test area or safe area.

    As I recall, for paypal, it is SEPARATE, meaning you have to apply for the sandbox area. So NO, actually, NO paypal account has a sandbox. They are assigned to people, not accounts. Think of the paypal account as a duplicate server that isn't really hooked up to credit cards. And its ONLY value is to TEST!

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    So the sandbox can't be use to test PayPal buttons on our site? If not, what is the way to test new payment buttons installed on site. Seems like PayPal would have an easy method set-up for this.

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