Preloading subscribers for GetResponse / AWeber?

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Hi Warriors,

Just need to clarify a thing or two in relation to preloading subscribers on GetResponse and AWeber.

1) Whenever preloading is done, are these subscribers assumed to be already "opted-in" and therefore need to opt-out should they want to?

Or is it the case of ...

2) Needing to get these preloaded subscribers to opt-in before they are actually in the list

Any assistance is appreciated.
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    What do you mean by preloading? You got these subscribers somewhere else and want to move them to a new company... or some other scenario?

    Most services are going to make the people at least confirm again to get on the list.

    A good way to proceed is to mail them several times from the old service and ask them to opt in again, explaining that you are moving your list, and perhaps offer them some gift for doing so.

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