Who Is Your DSL Provider?

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I use AT&T I had just recently had my DSL disconnected, paid the bill, And I was told that I would not be able to get reconnected due to there not being any DSL "slots" available.

I was told that that I would be in front of the line to be reconnected, but it would take at least 7-10 days until I would at least get a phone call explaining the situation. the other option would be dial up which they would give me no charge. thats great no charge dialup when I am paying for DSL.

well after a day I called their tech support, and after going through the computer system, I was told to just turn off my modem and reset it.

I found the experience somewhat frightening, as not being aware that you could lose your "spot" in the DSL parking lot, could seriously hurt someones business.

So be aware that if you use AT&T that you are in a parking spot and you could lose it due to disconnection.

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