How Do YOU Get So Much Done in a Day?

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That thread title is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. I answered it today honestly.

My computer is turned on at 6:15 AM. I work until 9:30 PM when I go to bed...sorta.

It sits in front of me in the living room. So I'll check and respond to emails, check stats, approve blog comments etc at 6:15 until 7:30. Then I go take my kids to school (1 hour round trip).

I come home, eat breakfast while reading, and going back and forth from those to email tabs and forum tabs.

I then turn on Tivo and watch Real Housewives from whatever and during commercials I'll write a blog post or a few PLR articles.

I stop and eat lunch. Check email, do more work after eating. Stop and watch Tivo or go somewhere out of the house. Come home, do a bit more.

I'm just flitting from everyday stuff (eating, TV, time with family, etc) to marketing tasks - back and forth.

On one hand, I feel like I don't have a job at all. On the other, I get a helluva lot done in a day. Sometimes I'll be writing while half listening to the TV and only pause to watch if a cat fight among Housewives break out (pathetic to my husband, riveting to me!).

I'd make a kick ass boss, if I do say so myself - TVs and DVRs in everyone's cubicles, a gourmet kitchen, etc. And I bet productivity would go up too. I found I did my best work in classes where the teacher gave us freedom of expression. I know certain companies (is it Google?) let their employees have cool perks so work isn't so much dreadful as it is just a day of fun and doing stuff.

How do YOU spend your day? I'm curious. My Mom likes to work in the morning and be done by 2-3 PM. She has to have a cut off time.

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    This is a different story when it comes to men, we really can only do one thing at a time. (even in bed).
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      Originally Posted by mech111 View Post

      This is a different story when it comes to men, we really can only do one thing at a time. (even in bed).

      come on now speak for yourself :p lol
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      Originally Posted by mech111 View Post

      This is a different story when it comes to men, we really can only do one thing at a time. (even in bed).
      Lol, funny laugh at the beginning of the day,
      If you have the passion for something you won't stop at anything.
      I work from 8am to 12-1 am (midnight)
      Its wrong to say men can do only 1 thing in 1 go
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    I'm a night owl. I love to get things done when the night is not that "young".

    I tend to do things like you do, Tifanny, but I will never get things done...

    Say, I go to check my Facebook instead of watching TV like you do, I will get sucked into other people's photos, stories, etc, and when my soul returns to my body, one hour has passed by, and I didn't get anything done, still

    That's why I never wanna do a thing and leave it alone and going to another task, before finishing the previous one. I will never get anything done in that case... LOL

    Reason I love to get things done at night or midnight, is because it's very silent, and I can concentrate on whatever I wanted to do.

    You have an interesting lifestyle as well, Tiffany.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I spend every free moment working on my business projects. Even as I type this; I'm in the car on the way to my sons doctor appt. My family says I'm addicted to working and get withdrawals when I'm not working on my computer.
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    I always feel like I get nothing accomplished........but then I look at what I did during a day and am surprised that I actually did get work done.

    My day starts with checking my forum, this forum, twitter, facebook, and email. If there's anything I need to do some easy SEO on such as bookmarking or pinging, I do that while I'm going back and forth with the forums and such. I do 50 minutes on and 10 minute breaks outside or whatever needs doing.

    After coffee I write a paid article for immediate cash, then I take a break outdoors. Next I do the research for another paid article. Then I break and do housework, walk the dog, run errands.

    Come home and either spend time working on a product or writing more. Right now I'm just breaking for a smoke after which I'll go record global earthquake stats to post on my EQ watch and then will go cut some more stats for my end of year Earthquake report, which is delinquent. LOL.

    Then I break for whatever again - eat, outside, then I will do the paid article that I did the research for.

    Around 7 I break to watch 2 and a Half Men. Trivial comedy to take some of the stress out and let my brain chill. After the hour of that, I go do whatever details I need to get done to clean up and finish whatever I can and move on to the next research for another paid article.

    I work until I am too tired then go to bed and work on dream management.
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    At this point in time, I find myself working a lot more than usual. That's more-so because I'm really trying to push back some funds so I can quit the "day job" this year. The company I work for is down-sizing, and working in network/system administration means that I'll be one of those guys who probably will get the boot first (as they are moving to a more centralized structure over all locations across the country). Either way, the plan is to be full-time online here soon.

    So yeah - I'm constantly up working any chance I get, creating content, building new websites and other income properties and just putting all money earned aside. That way, I've got some cushion. Once I'm able to work this full-time though, then I'll truly be able to crank it up a few notches (and enjoy some of the fruits of my labor, too)
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      My day has been spent writing some PLR articles and posting here on WF.

      I need to do more writing and less posting, got a big pack I wanna have out by next week :p
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      Tiff -

      I pretty much do the same - though I don't start out that early in the AM.

      I tried the "set real office hours" for quite a while. I actually had that type of schedule years ago when I ran a district office out of a room in my home for a national company. I "opened the office" at 9 am and "closed" it at 5 pm. I wasn't chained to the office but spent most of the day working.

      Now my work and my life are pretty much the same thing. All day is spent back and forth between tossing in laundry, working in the yard, walking the dog, writing, building sites, doing all the many things we do online, etc.

      I start in the morning with the WF and a cup of tea - then a quick walk or exercise and back to do real work. After a few hours, I take a break or run some errands and then back to writing and mixing up the chores as usual. If I spend too long on the computer Gracie (my pit) has a way of sticking her nose under my hand to stop me from typing till I let her out or find a treat or take a walk.

      Today, for example, I'm working hard to finish a project because the first spring days are here and I want tomorrow free to spend outdoors much of the day.

      Ain't it great?

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    I'm a serious night owl too. When my daughter goes off to university or her own life (in 10 years!) my schedule will be 11am-4am. Then I'll be in heaven.

    But until that day arrives, I wake up at 6am, get online and check for orders. By 8:30 mini-me is off to school and I start my work day. No television, no radio and no phone. I have an energy drink or an Americano and get cracking.

    I answer e-mails. I order new products from my wholesalers, write articles, and update my guest blogger resource directory.

    By 1:30 I'm packaging up orders to be taken to the post office and eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

    Between 4-8 I'm cooking and doing mommy stuff and periodically checking e-mail. After 8pm my mind goes into a worker bee trance. I can sit from 8-11 typing away. Then I need a cup of tea and a shower.

    At 12am I take my television break and watch Korean soap operas. I love Korean soap operas like Tiffany loves Desperate Housewives. But since I don't understand Korean (at least most of it) I have to watch it for the English subtitles. By 1:30 I'm in the bed. By 1:40 I'm drooling.

    It's a long work day. I tend to work overtime during the colder months so I can ease up once it gets warm.
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      Under normal circumstances, I get started at about 9 a.m. Have a quick shower, check all emails, followed a quick forum check, review my plans for the day (once a week I head for the mall for me time) then I get started with whatever needs doing - research, finding photographs that I need for my projects, follow up on outsourced projects - have a snack at the computer which I often don't even taste, do a bit of writing.

      Maybe have a 2 hour nap somewhere around 3 p.m. check emails and forum again - do more research. Sometime around 7 p.m. I might remember that my husband needs to be fed so I get on with that little task, at which point I will also remember that clothes need to be washed and so I do a bit of "household maintenance" which includes taking interest in hubby's day.

      When he finally heads for bed with a book, around 10pm or so, I get going again and usually work through till between 2 and 4 a.m.

      In between everything I tend to keep up a running conversation with several IM friends during which we will discuss what we are doing, ask for help or give it. Have the odd brainstorming session etc.

      Then its off to sleep for a few hours and on the go again by 9 a.m.

      I must admit to feeling quite anxious when I am not sitting in front of my beloved old laptop.

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    If I don't have a specific job to do (freelance, i.e. working for someone else) I find I am all over the place in direction and am very easily distracted. When I have a job, I am focused, I know exactly what needs to be done, and I go go go until it's done.

    For some reason this isn't the case when working for myself. There is no deadline and no one to complain. I think if could structure my own projects as if I was working for someone else I could have so much more success! If anyone as ideas or examples(the more specific the better) on how they have created their home business in a way that is structured I'd love to here it. I have dozens of ideas and several ongoing projects, which I think anyone of them would be more successful if I could have a better method for working the plan without getting so distracted.
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      I know how you feel Magicash.

      I have two decent sized PLR packs all planned out down to the article titles, and at least half of the articles are outlined. I have at least one buyer in line for one of the two, to complicate things further. Both packs are under 25% done right now, though I am working on the larger of the two between posts.

      I have another idea plotted out to revamp an old article marketing campaign.

      Another product idea in a related vertical to the article marketing.

      Not to mention having the next few PLR pack ideas far enough in concept that they are ready to start the outline process.

      I am one of those people that Jason Fladlien talks about in one of his time management products.

      I have good processes set up, but little persistance.

      The sad part is that I know everything I am doing works, it is just now a matter of stepping out of the fear of success and making it all work.
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    I rarely sit down and do work for a straight 1+ hours at a time. I'll be flipping back and forth between various programs/blogs/articles/warrior forum/etc all day long.

    This is all my favourite part about internet marketing and being your own boss. When I started, I fully intended to stick to a 9-5 schedule with IM stuff, but then I realized that not only is that completely unnecessary, but I get more done if I do it at my own pace in chunks throughout the day.
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    For me, it's "how do I get so LITTLE done in a day?" Let's see ..

    6am - 9pm: entertaining a crying baby and a screaming toddler
    9pm - midnight: cooking, cleaning, folding, etc
    Midnight - 3am: trying to get half-decent article done, drown self in coffee
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    I get up when I wake up (if my husband doesn't pop in and ask if I'm ready to get up, yet! LOL!), spend some time with him while eating something and having coffee. Then I spend some time reading forums, answering emails, and checking stats. After that, if I have a contract, I work on that until I need to stretch. Get up, walk around, depending on time, I might fix a meal or watch Little House on the Prairie with hubby. Then back to work building web sites, writing blog entries, developing Squidoo lenses, writing articles, etc. My day usually starts aroung 9am and ends about 2am the next morning. I am a night owl, and tend to get more done after the house is quiet, the phone isn't ringing, and no one is stepping into the office to ask for help with food or computer issues. I probably spend between 10 and 11 hours working, but it seldom feels like work. I love what I am doing, which makes all the difference.
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    My big secret is I write down the things I want to remember to do on a note pad by my computer, and then where possible I assign them to the people that work for me. Our company had a very busy day yesterday, and I was afraid I would wake up to a ton of work. But like many days, I was pleasantly surprised to see all our customers were getting help, and we were already handling some new ones.
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    I'm up anywhere from 4.30am to 7am. The early rises are for when I've arranged to go running with a girlfriend, and I have to be home in time for my hubby going to work. I only do that twice a week though, I'm not a morning person.

    Breakfast with hubby, and see him off to work, then the kidlets get up. We homeschool, so after they've eaten, I set them up at the table with their schoolwork and I sit with them with my laptop. If they need a fair bit of attention, I usually just research info for my plr articles and ebooks. If they're cruising pretty well and don't need me, I write the articles. Some mornings we have excursions, so we head out pretty much straight after breakfast.

    Afternoons are pottering out to the shop and post office, planning dinner, walking the dogs or anything else that takes our fancy. Later this afternoon we're going to the lagoon for a swim, because it's so hot.

    Evenings are usually distraction-free, so I get the writing done for my clients then. I hit the sack usually around 11.30pm.

    I don't get nearly as much done in the day as I'd like, but that's due to lifestyle choice. It's also partly due to the fact that I'm so distractable at the moment and can't seem to get focussed, but that's a completely different issue.
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    I am a bit of a night owl too and prefer working when hubby is either in bed or at work. We have adjoining computers so when he is on his he has an annoying habit of asking me to look at things he is doing which breaks my chain of thought, lol. I don't even turn my computer off and I prefer to sit on it doing things, rather than watching television.

    Some days are more productive than others though. Today being Friday (for me) I have got a touch of the "ho hums"; I have one back link job to finish and I know it won't take me long, but I am taking forever to get started on it. I would also like to research for two ebook projects due next week, but I will probably end up doing that at about midnight.

    That is the joy of working for yourself. I write when I feel like it (which is most of the time) and can get positively anxious if I have to go out (away from the computer) for the day. But my time is still my own and as long as my clients are happy and I meet my deadlines I work when I feel like it.

    Makes for a wonderful life
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      I'd say the biggest obstacle to productivity is distraction. We live in a culture of distraction where at any given moment, there are so many different things that demand our attention. The secret to being productive is to focus only on thing at one time and not get distracted by other things. Multi-tasking is not really productive because you can't focus 100% on the task at hand.
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    I too manage my IM time between everything else that goes on around me. Usually though I don't turn my computer on until I get back from taking the kids to school. I find if I turn it on in the morning before school I can get carried away and before I know it it's getting late and we're then rushing around trying to get to school on time. So it's best to leave the computer off until the kids are at school.

    Some days I'll have the full day to myself when they're at school and can just work all day - I don't watch TV during the day and rarely have the radio on. I find I can concentrate better when it's quiet.

    Other days I have errands to run, shopping to do, today I have a 9 week course that I'm going on - so there are days when I just seem to be in and out of the house all day and have little time to work.

    I like to work at night when everyone's in bed and it's quiet and I find this is probably my most productive time, but my husband doesn't like me doing this - he thinks I like my computer more than I like him.

    I don't make good enough use of my time and need to be more productive with the time I've got.

    I WISH I could get half as much done in a day as you to Tiff!
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    I like to pretend it's a regular day at work and someone is telling me what to do, haha!
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    With hiring and observing many different employees over the years, I can tell you that there are distinct differences between people when it comes to their productivity yes, but their efforts are only a small part of the equation. Most of what you see is their DNA and/or their upbringing. There are also physical factors like A.D.D. I've had people, after several discussions about being more productive, try as hard as they can and I can visually see their efforts. But they will make only a nominal improvement. Then there are the people that get more done than my whole office put together... without even trying. It fascinates me! Tiffany, you seem to be one of these types.

    There's an old saying: If you want something done, give it to the busiest person you know.
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    Originally Posted by TiffanyDow View Post

    How do YOU spend your day? I'm curious. My Mom likes to work in the morning and be done by 2-3 PM. She has to have a cut off time.
    I start at around 10 AM and work non-stop (take 45 mins off to eat and watch something) until around 7-8 PM. I do this six days out of seven (take a random day off).

    I do work a ton I guess, but the results are amazing. Not sure how long I can keep up working like this though.

    I really need to start exercising again.
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    Let's see, up at 7. 3/5 kids dressed, fed and out the door by 8:20. Computer is up and running somewhere in that time frame.

    Take the daily call from mom, chat with her for about an hour as I check emails, take care of breakfast dishes, get the younger two settled into something non destructive while I do everything else. And basically jump back and forth between kids and working till about 11:30 am at which time it is time to get the younger two ready for school.

    hose two are picked up at 12:40 and my day really begins. Now is when I do most of my "concentrating" tasks such as articles, blogs etc, bouncing back and fourth between work and the household stuff. This is also the time when I go pay bills and do all that other non fun mom stuff.

    3:30 two oldest boys walk in the door, 4 pm bus drops off youngest 2, 5 pm eldest is home from school, and so starts the night chaos of checking agendas, finding out what the younger ones ate at school (as not to feed them the same thing for dinner), dinner time, bed time, baths/showers and reading to the children. By 7 the younger 3 are in bed, the older 2 are doing there chores. Hubby tends to make the dinner so during that time I try and get some more work accomplished.

    Once the younger 3 are in bed, the older 2 do their chores while the dogs are taken for an hour or so walk (and to the store to get the groceries needed for the following day). Get back, get child 4 into bed. Take a moment to relax and breathe, and return to work until about 9-10 pm when eldest gets into bed, and I sit down with hubby and watch some TV or play WOW. (lol Yes, I play wow) Into bed by about 12 and then the day starts all over again.

    Yikes... writing all that out and looking at all I really do in a day is interesting. Way too much stuff wow.

    Best wishes,
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    How do I get so much done?

    1. I don't surf the Warrior Forum multiple times a day. I only check in every now and then.

    2. I plan, break out tasks, and do one task at a time.

    3. I outsource. I come up with ideas, then I usually outsource having the product written, images done, etc. The only thing I usually do is put it all together and market it.

    4. I don't jump from one Internet Marketing idea to another (CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Ebook creation, Adsense, etc). I pick what I'm strongest at (infoproduct creation) and focus.
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      Originally Posted by Dayne Dylan View Post

      4. I don't jump from one Internet Marketing idea to another (CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Ebook creation, Adsense, etc). I pick what I'm strongest at (infoproduct creation) and focus.
      How did you find out what you're strongest at? Did you try out all the different areas, or is there a shortcut?
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    I don't write articles, so I don't have the time problems most of you have. I post content which takes maybe 2 hours of work a day. I can't really much more than that with the way I link to it. Some of you work a lot harder than I do, so I hope you have more money to show for it. lol

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