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I'll be honest and straight with you,the following is a personal recipe of mine for creating award winning products and services. Feel free to follow these methods and use them in your marketing.


Everybody has her own recipe for success that most times works only for her. It's good to study other people's recipes but it's essential you have own personal winning strategies and techniques developed through your own research and efforts.


A good rule of thumb is to COPY what others are doing that is currently working for them, add your twists and make it work for you. Don't just sit comfy in your chair and expect to be spoon fed all the secrets and power strategies of internet marketing. The truth is - It just doesn't work that way! I've been online for 14 years reading articles and reports that at the end of the day, only go to waste valuable time and proclaim the personal ramblings of others. Don't get me wrong there are many fantastic eye-opening reports & articles out there. Just be sure you can separate the chaff from the valuable information.


That is usually easier said than done. But believe me, without action, everything is simply words on paper or bytes on your hard drive.

Go out there and do something. Anything.

The most important thing is to JUST DO IT! (some people might argue with this, but that's their prerogative to do so, this is what has always worked for me and a lot of the successful people I've studied have said the exact same thing worked for them, so bottom line, the "Just Go Ahead And Do It" philosophy does work).

There's much more to internet marketing than meets the eye, but I hope this will help you get that much closer to your own success story.
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