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by E. Brian Rose 8 replies
If you use Gmail, then you know that there are a series of advertisements that rotate above your emails.

When I saw this one, I actually laughed out loud. I almost clicked on it just to see if the site was as bad as the ad.

I am curious to know what is ten cents, but I will not click.

"Yes For10Cents this!" What the hell does that mean!?!
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    It's a penny auction website - like beezid or quibids.
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    Thanks johnny_h for clearing that up. I was curious to know too.
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    The copy isn't as bad as it first appears. This could be just one segment of an overall campaign, and we're not sure at this point of what the advertiser's intentions are. If they were just going for brand recognition and getting their website name out to their target market... I could see some benefit from it.

    I believe the last sentence is the call to action, which does cause some interest... for ten cents, the people in that market may want to know "what this is". This is what you could get for 10 cents. "Yes, for10cents this..."

    Still, just offering an objective opinion. I personally believe I could write better ad copy for a contextual ad, as you no doubt noticed, there is much room for improvement for getting someone to click, that is, if that is their intention.

    What may provide some insight into its effectiveness for their business, is how long that ad actually remains active.
    What have you accomplished today that benefits your business in some way?
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    It would have made more sense to me if they put "For10Cents? Yes, Only For10Cents!"

    Now I'm wondering if they just put "this" after to get us all curious, or if they truly didn't know what else to write
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      Originally Posted by DanielleLynnCopy View Post

      It would have made more sense to me if they put "For10Cents? Yes, Only For10Cents!"

      Now I'm wondering if they just put "this" after to get us all curious, or if they truly didn't know what else to write
      Heck no! Just another example of the loss of our native English language. It is spreading like a plague across the planet.
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    E. Brian

    is it yours? The ad :rolleyes:
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    Or it simply could be a marketer who doesn't speak English too well.

    Or it could be a test and a gimmick. Got your attention didn't it?

    We don't know how well the campaign is doing, really. Could be great, could be horrible, but we just don't know unless we would test it all ourselves, do we?
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