How many Aweber Seperate Lists do you have?

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I have 8 aweber lists, in many niches, spread out. and market to them differently.

who has the biggest number of aweber lists?

How many aweber do you have?
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    AWeber allows you to easily manage different lists from different projects. I have a number of sites and blogs that I use to sell a number of different products and services. I use separate opt-in forms and keep my lists for each opt-in under a different name.

    So far I have 36 lists on my aweber account. I know some folks don't bother to do this, but I want to know what marketing strategies are working best for me. One can always combine lists later to make them easy to manage.
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      I only have about 15 myself, but I always partition off subscribers to keep the marketing targeted.

      Don't wanna be selling steaks to vegetarians now!
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    I prefer to focus! And I have 1 List
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      Originally Posted by stanislavlem View Post

      I prefer to focus! And I have 1 List
      In that case you're doing list building all wrong.

      At a minimum, you should have a prospect list and a
      buyers list.

      Then, segement your lists by subject area and product
      purchased so that you can send more highly relevant
      messages to your list.

      Also, have a separate list for affiliates and JV partners.

      Building ONE big list and treating everyone the same is
      a sure-fire way of getting sub-optimal results.

      Dedicated to mutual success,

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    I am not sure about importing lists, not sure if Aweber allows this.

    But, yes, you can have multiple lists on 1 aweber account!

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    I have one account with probably 17 segments for one niche. I use the automation rules to add people to hotlists or purchased lists, webinar invitees & attendees, etc...
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    I have 10 diffrent lists but want to put together some of these so that it becomes a bit easier to handle.
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      I have 4 lists currently, all centered around the buying and selling of my warcraft product.

      Oops and a 5th one for my traffic blog, almost forgot about that new one haha
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    I'm not on Aweber...

    Though I currently have 23 separate lists. Lists are divided on product purchased, freebie downloaded, affiliates for products, a newsletter and blog updates.
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    lost count too time consuming, better things to do.........
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    ...around 18, you have to keep separated your:

    Prospective buyers
    Previous Customers

    ... for every niche. Cheers!
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    I currently have 52 separate email lists in six different niches - although many have less than 100 subscribers.

    I have prospects lists, buyers lists, lists for people who took the OTO, affiliates lists and blog update lists.

    You need to segment your subscribers to deliver the most targeted messages possible.


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