Checking your own inbound links?

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What are people using to check inbound links to a site these days.

I know back in the day Google gave the info... what's working nowadays?
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    I really have not found a really accurate way to check backlinks, Yahoo site explorer gives the most information but then again I know for a fact I have way more backlinks than they show on my sites.

    Google are useless and just dont provide any accurate infromation and Alexa are useless too. I also use some back link checkers which tend to give the same info as Yahoo so Im thinking they might be connected some how.

    I would certainly be interested if anyone has a reliable method for checking

    Gaz Cooper
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    backlinkwatch and yahoo siteexplorer work fine.
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      Originally Posted by jugroo View Post

      backlinkwatch and yahoo siteexplorer work fine.
      Thanks, that's really helpful! Didn't know there was an accurate way to check incoming links. Everything else is totally random and inaccurate.
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    I personally use and prefer the 'backlink watch' for checking the inbound links...i personally find its interface quite more considerable than other similar tools...
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    Most backlink checkers get their data from Yahoo Site explorer...

    The only problem is that I think yahoo will be pulling the plug in site explorer in the near future..

    After that, I think we won't have a way to find out unless we save each url everytime a backlink is created for us or if microsoft adlabs release their version of site explorer..

    my .02

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