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First let me say thanks to all you warriors out their who answer this post. Any how I plan on learning a few new things this year so that I can quit outsourcing much of the work. One of the things I would really like to learn is graphic design. I do dabble a little with it now but not to much. There are things I do know and alot that I don't but I can do quite a lot using photo shop and or

Another thing I would really like to learn is how to start building my own wordpress themes. As we all kow this can get rather expensive at times. Since I do have some knowledge of photoshop and slicing the images. Any thoughts on where a good place would be to start learning more about these two things.

Plus I am tired of getting these hacked up coded wordpress sites built for me that takes me hours to fix the code. Much like the other day when none of my meta information was showing up because the coder left out the <head> tag at the very beginning. They had some alternative head style tag that was not working and it took me several hours to figure out that was the exact problem since I did see some kind of head then /head tag but to my surprise I added the <head> and everything worked like a charm.

So I really want to learn more about building my own wordpress themes and graphics. Plus if I can find a way to lock out others from say the footer section I could use this to build large amounts of links to my site/s.
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    Wow I am in shock no one has any advice on this
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    Hello, I highly suggest that you look into the Headway framework for WordPress. One major advantage of using Headway is you get updates in your dashboard just like plugins to upgrade to the latest version without affecting your custom theme design. Headway is also great at getting Indexed by the search engines with solid code, SEO and drag & drop design editor. If your looking to design graphics you can purchase Adobe photoshop or use the free Gimp software for designing graphics. I wish you all the best!



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