A good place to sell websites?

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I have a website that used to do really well, mainly through accommodation bookings, because I was passionate about the subject. I used to live on a tropical island named Koh Phangan, which is notorious for its beach party scene, and receives about 20k tourists each month for these events alone. I have since moved away and have not updated the site for a long time. I switched the whole thing over to a wordpress install some time back, in an effort to make things simpler for me, but time is the issue and I just can't do anything with it. The page rank has begun to slip, and I haven't added any new content for a long time.

So I'm looking for a way to sell this site, I've never sold a site before, and this was pretty much just a hobby for me, any ideas where I might get rid of it?

The site is Koh Phangan Parties

Thanks in advance.
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