Is it possible to auction a domain name you don't even own?

by Deric Yin 7 replies
I just saw one of my domain names (hosted here at Namecheap) being auctioned at GoDaddy. How is this even possible? The mind bloggles...
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    The same way robbing a liquor store is possible.
    I suggest you report the scoundrels to the domain police.
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      I've already emailed GoDaddy... but still, I'm dead curious how that's even possible. Doesn't GoDaddy verify domain ownership before allowing auctions to be posted?
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    Is it an auction or a "waiting list?"
    I've seen some of mine listed in the "waiting list" section, and I figure they do that to collect premium buyers in case I don't renew. It's like watching vultures circling...
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    How to tell if it's an auction or "waiting list"? I found it listed for $1,000 at GoDaddy Auctions - so I would assume that it's an auction.
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    That is very odd as GoDaddy checks to see that it is verified before they allow you to sell it. Personally I hold my names all at Godaddy and love using them, but I don't see how they let someone sell a name they don't own!

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  • Is your domain due to expire soon?
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