Great affiliate sites but offer low % Comm

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I have found a coiple of great affiliate sites I wanted to promote. Niches related to mine and really liked their sites, offers....

But when I enquired about thier commisions. 10%. I told them I expected at least 30%. They told me to "get lost" A bit more tactfully but that was it basically.

Hmmm....10% I am not doing it.

Is this normal?
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    To offer a 30% commission, they have to have a profit margin well above 30% (the rest of the margin has to cover salaries, benefits, taxes, marketing/advertising, lease for the offices, warehousing, etc.). That's just not possible for some businesses and some entire industries to offer, especially if they have competitors that have driven down margins to reduce prices.
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      Looking for high commission is always good. But I think the program itself is an important factor and it's more based on the marketing technique. Good and right marketing techniques lead to quality traffic and hence increase the sales. I've looked for myself some programs with low commission brought to high income to people who have good traffic.

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