Tips for writing a newsletter please?

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Particularly and introductory news letter.

Anyone have any good articles regarding such?
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    What subject will your newsletter be about.
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    Free to download ebooks (no signup required):
    Ezines Forum | Free Ebooks on Ezines or Ezine Advertising

    You'll find there some ebooks such as "Top 10 Newsletter Tips (top 10 tips for writing and sustaining a profitable newsletter)"
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    Thanks for the tips mawardee, quality stuff. And welcome to WF!
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    As others mentioned here, make sure you are providing high quality to your readers, and giving them something that they want.

    I'd suggest writing in a way that draws people in, and gets them to look forward to your next email. Drop little nuggets at the end of each message about something compelling regarding the next email in the series.

    Yes, I would definitely suggest signing up for other newsletters in your niche, and seeing how they are doing it as well.


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