Newbies- How I make $20-30 a day spending only an hour or so and how You can too (exact step by step

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Ok, there are always threads on WF from newbies who want to get started in making money online. And in most cases, these newbies dont have any money to invest in an online business. Many of them dont know much about internet marketing, so they dont have lots of skills needed to make money offering services to other marketers.

Here is a ridiculously simple method that I have been using to make money on the side. It involves Fiverr.

Fiverr is truly a great platform to make some extra money. Its especially great for newbies who want to get started. You can use the money to buy your first domain name or pay for your hosting or invest it in any other thing that is necessary to start your online business.

Usually when you create a gig on Fiverr, it get lost amongst hundreds and thousands of other gigs. So, titles of your gigs and also the kind of service you offer plays a big role in your success. Offer something that is a bit different than other people's offer. I found out that usually services that give immediate results to the buyer, are the ones that do much better.

Here are a few services I am offering right now on Fiverr that anyone can use to make money on Fiverr. These service dont really require any skills or knowledge. I'll give you every info you need, just copy what I do and you will make some extra money.

Lets get to it:

Manual article submission to dofollow instant approval article directories

I dont have to explain the dofollow part obviously, but why instant approvals? Well, as I said, services that give immediate results attract more buyers. Lost of webmasters and internet marketers, dont wanna wait for their article to be approved, so if you can give them instant approval, you are in demand.

1- I spent a few hours searching on the internet finding dofollow instant approval article directories. I found about 40-50 of them.

I registered with these directories.

Made a folder in my favorite and named it instant approvals. Then I used my quick manual submission method that I explained in another thread on WF.... to group 7-8 sites in each sub-folder, so I can open 7-8 sites with one click, when I want to submit articles to them. (its all about doing the gig as fast as you can)

4- Registered on Fiverr and put up an ad, offering to manually submit 1 article to 20 dofollow instant approval directories.

when I get the order, I simply open each sub-folder(favorite- instant approval) whcih opens 7-8 sites at a time, then copy-paste the title, body, bio and keywords. It takes only seconds to do that. You can also use form filling tools like RoboForm to do that. But I find it much faster to do it copy pasting.

The first day I got 2 orders. So, instead of submitting to 20 sites, I submitted to 25 sites, to ensure that I do get good feedback and I did. That was a few weeks ago and since then I have been getting a 1-2 orders a day. Not to mention I got 2 clients who I work with outside of Fiverr (they give me 20-30 article submission a month or so).

Of course, you have to give report to your buyers. Since these directories are instant approvals, as soon as you publish the article, simply copy the link to the live article and save as a file. When submission is done, send file as report top the buyer.

Manual site submission to fast approval web directories

1- I spent a few hours searching on the internet finding web directories with fast approval process.

2- Made a folder in my favorite and named it fast approval web directories. Then I followed the same method I used for the above method (step 3) to group sites in sub folders for fast submission.

Since these directories send you an email (with the link to the page where the approved site is listed) when the site is approved, I registered a new email address only for this gig, so when I do get approval emails from these sites, I dont have to sort thorugh hundreds f emails to find them. I can open my inbox and get to them right away.

Put up and ad on Fiverr offering to manually submit 1 site to 25 fast approval directories.

5- When I get the order, I simply open each sub-folder (favorite- fast approval web directories) whcih opens 7-8 sites at a time. For this, I use roboform to submit quickly, since there are less data with site submission, roboform doesn't slow down. So it actually is faster to submit with RF than copy pasting.

6- When I receive the approval emails, I put all the links in a not pad file and send it as report to the buyer.

Posting ads on craigslist

Lots of people who live in other countries beside US, dont have phone verified accounts and can not post ads on CL. So, they are willing to pay people with phone verified accounts to post ads for them on CL. I live in US and av had my CL phone verified account for a a few years now. There was my next gig.

1- Simply put up an ad offering to post up to 5 ads on CL under my account. Obviously you can offer a lower or higher number of ads to post. I though 5 would be fair number. I mean, it only takes a few minutes to post ads on CL.

2- When I get an order, I simply copy-paste the title and the body of the ad.

3- CL immediately send you an email containing the link to your live ad. Save those links on a file and send as report to the buyer.

I started this gig a few days ago and I already got a few orders and feedbacks.

Keep in mind that not every gig is going to make you money. I have about 8-9 gigs on fiver and out of those only a few are making money (the article submission being the top one). So, dont be discouraged. Yes, almost any service you can think of is being offered on Fiverr. But be creative, you can offer the same service with a little extra thing. Its that little extra thing that make a gig stand out from hundred and thousands of similar gigs.

Use your forum signatures to promote your gigs. You can even make a WSO here on WF and advertise your services to warrior and give them a deal (maybe a few extra submission or what have you).

Listen, I haven't mad thousands of dollars with these ads. But, I am making consistent money everyday, even if its just $15-$20 a day. Plus, completing each of these order takes me no more than 10-15 minutes. And if you are a newbie struggling. this can be your way out.

Again, most people may not be able to make thousands of dollars with Fiverr, but if you are willing to do some work, you can easily make some extra cash. Also, dont just bookmark this thread and say " I will get back to it"! No, do it now! Go to fiverr and see what you can offer. I mean, you can do the same things I do, knowing that It works. Yes, you can use the exact same gigs I am offering or do some research and see what else you can come up with.

I tried to cover any detail I could remember. But if there is anything I missed, please feel free to ask. I hope this will be useful especially for newbies who are struggling to make their first dollar online without sending any money or having any experience or skills.
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    Thanks satrap for sharing. It's true that every gig is not going to make money i have 16 gigs there but only 3-4 gigs are getting orders. fiverr is a good start for newbies to make money.
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    The one time I was on fiverr, I offered article writing. It was nice to be pulling in some extra cash, but it took too much time. Great suggestions for pulling in some extra dough!
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    I have just signed up to Fiverr thanks to this topic. I've been putting it off for some time as when converted to £ any job seems worthless, but I reckon I can do quite a bit in a short space of time so volume might be key.

    This should supplement my affiliate efforts, thanks!
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    These are great gigs for the newbie especially to offer on Fiverr, as they don't require much technical knowledge and can be completed in just a few minutes.

    The submission services are definitely gigs that are very much in demand, but the CL one can be a little problematic, as you run into roadblocks once you start trying to post multiple ads on CL with only one phone-verified account, and you also run into the issue of having to change the copy for each classified ad you post (to avoid the duplicate ad issue).
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    Thanks for sharing your methods.

    Do you post your gig on fiverr clone sites also to get more orders? If so, what are the best ones.
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    Ive searched on fiverr and there are people offering to submit articles to 100 article directories or even hundereds of directories. Some of these are auto approval also.

    How are you supposed to compete with these gigs by only submitting to around 20 article directories?
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    Great Idea may have to give this a try
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    For $5, you can save all the work and buy a gig from someone. He will give you his own list to prove his job is done and you use the same. You can even have more
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    Thank you very much for sharing this information brother. Big help.
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    Cool! Thanks for sharing your system. I haven't seen good results with Fivver, but perhaps I should give it another change.
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    I used to purchase gigs in and like the service so far.

    It is great to hear that you are making money using fiveer.

    May be you can share with us some of the service you promoted and I can made use some of them.
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    I clicked the directory submission in your sig file and it said "no longer available."
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    Thanks for the post, very helpful
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    I usually make around $200 per month on Fiverr. In other words, I complete around 50 gigs per month as users only get $4 out of the $5.

    My Fiverr gigs were not an overnight success though. My gigs are successful because I currently have approximately 50 reviews on the actual gig itself. In addition, about 80% of my orders are from regular customers. So for those who are just starting - don't give up! Just by having a presence on Fiverr, you're already one step ahead of the pack who put it in the "too hard" basket.
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    I started at fiverr about a month ago but have only made about $50. I picked gigs that I could do relatively fast and put my best effort into them. Earlier this week one of my former buyers became a client and paid $500 for a bulk order at a better rate

    How did I do it? Like I said, I put in a solid effort and I communicated with the buyer. Remember, although it might only be $4, you should still treat the buyer in a polite professional manner and deliver your best work. Say thank-you and let them know you are available for more gigs should they need your service. This is exactly what I have done on every single freelance project I have ever worked on and it has continued to bring me more jobs. In other words, make the best of the gigs people do buy.
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    great. just like i am also making mine. thanks for your tips.
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    Yes you are will be good start for new people how to make money online but using fiverr they need to understand it how it works..

    And yes people need to invest in domains and hosting..that is the starting point of internet marketing..
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    These are all very good tips. Some I have heard of already but they are pretty good for newbies..

    Fiverr has earned me about $60 with a minimal amt of work

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