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Would you please, in all of your wisdom, check out my site and tell me what you think of it? It is not done yet, but will be soon. Of course, more content will be added and the missing pieces will be added as well.

I just want your opinion on how it is "so far".

Thanks so much everybody!

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    Hi Erin, Good start for a site.

    Personally I find the font size too small to be read. You can make them bigger for more pleasant viewing.

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      Originally Posted by jhongren View Post

      Hi Erin, Good start for a site.

      Personally I find the font size too small to be read. You can make them bigger for more pleasant viewing.

      I agree...

      Also i'm not a fan of the grey color.. too depressing
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    well i'm no pro but so far so good to me.... the theme is kinda plain (but that's just my personal taste) I just browsed briefly and have already learned something from you. for me, that'll make me bookmark your site to return to it...

    Best of luck!
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    My only complaint is that the reasons listed for going into business for yourself are all the wrong ones.

    Going into business for yourself because you want to make more money is a recipe for disaster. Most new businesses fail in their first year, and the ones that do survive rarely last 5 years.

    I started my own company this year and although it has been fairly successful, it has also been financially devastating. It's definitely NOT something for those worried about paying for gas.
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      I think you need the font size a bit larger... But over all site is starting to look pretty good.

      Chris, to your point you're right. But, when people start business the desire to make money must be there.

      There should be more goals than just making money with your business though.
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      It's clean and simple but I don't like the font size and color, change it.
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    Hi Erin,

    I'm confused by the picture. Is this supposed to represent an especially spacious living room? A large hallway with a cozy nook by the window? A new type of lens that is half fisheye and half rectangular? And what does the picture have to do with entrepreneurship or with growing?

    I'd like to see something about who you are writing to.
    Dear Entrepreneur?
    Dear Green Wall And Armless Curvy Couch Enthusiast?

    And who is the letter from?
    From: The Tan Couch Committee
    or maybe
    From: Erin Joi, 34 year old mom of 3 in Singapore
    who can tell from the site?
    Who is on the "Team" that the letter is from?

    What is your story?

    Did you have a dream of Internet marketing?
    How did that feel?

    Did you have your dream crushed by confusion and scams?
    And how did that feel?
    How did that set you back?
    Were you ready to give up?

    What turned things around for you?
    Or were you always brilliant enough to afford six foot long abstract artwork?

    What specific advice can I expect from someone whose categories are Business, Marketing, and Kitchen Sink?
    What detailed conversations can I expect from categories of Coming Soon and Yadda?

    How can I expect to promote my own business by learning from someone who buries the free ebook offer somewhere near the link to the free themes and free stock photos?

    Why would I want to go to a Suggest Ideas blog if I'm looking for answers?

    The design and color scheme would be perfect for a site about caring for hardwood floors.

    For me, the copy is worse than useless: it's ambiguous and confusing.

    Of course, it may be fabulous once you're done with the content. Who knows?

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      Site is plain and simple.

      But see that you present min number of images and other stuff like videos on your site to make it attractive.

      Change the color theme.

      Change the font type and size. You made the bolding of the content in wrong pattern.

      See that your page fits the complete screen or at least appears to fit every screen.
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    Decent site, looks pretty nice.

    I would recommend doing all the SEO you can. Start by creating categories other than 'uncategorized' for posts. Helps you rank better and makes the site look a bit more professional. Also, try to do some article submission and so on.


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