Affiliate Marketing...Learn From My Mistake!

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A simple yet overlooked mistake I made was not thoroughly reviewing the affiliate sales page...Particularly, their opt-in pop ups on the sales page!

Here's what I mean.....

People come to my affiliate site and sign up for the publisher's e-course or newsletter...That's all fine and good except that the sign-up links in the e-mails did not have my affiliate link! LOST SALES! BIG TIME!

The lesson....always review the sales page for any leaks in your affiliate income, especially opt-ins! If there are pop-ups or areas where a reader can enter an e-mail address, then test it yourself by signing up for their opt-in with a dummy e-mail and see if the order links in the autoresponder e-mails still have your affiliate ID attached....All you need to do, is to click on the order link and if you see no affiliate code at the bottom of the order page, then you know that the publisher went around your affiliate ID!

It's also a strong reason to send your traffic to an opt-in squeeze page of your own instead of directly to the affiliate page! I haven't done this yet but am working on it right now!

Good luck!


P.S. It's a good idea to check all of your affiliate pages every so often because publishers will often change their there may be opt-ins or other leaks that you don't even know about!
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    I get killed with this as well So I always opt-in to their lists now before promoting them.
    • Profile picture of the author waken
      It's one of the many criterias I detailed in my blog post. Should you have read it first, you won't have to learn it the tough way..
  • Profile picture of the author braver55b
    I agree with you on that, If I came accross something like that but felt that it would be a high converting offer, I would contact the owner and b**ch slap him/her (the publisher) and

    say you have a good product and I'd really like to promote it but won't spend my money and effort if I'm not going to be credited by your optin pop ups.

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