Anyone got a Email Swipe File or Email Course?

Profile picture of the author roley by roley Posted: 03/13/2011
Looking to find a good course on creating autoresponder email series and any swipe files that are online that have been effective in email subject lines or content

Anyone know any?
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    I have bought just about every internet marketing course out there and the one I found that gives the absolute best "all-in-one" training and has a very extensive section on creating email auto responder series and even includes a tool to help build soft sell and hard sell emails is Niche Profit Classroom. I have been a member for a long time now and can attribute much of my success to the training and tools available here.

    You can get in for $1 for 14 days.
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    Leslie B
    I personally recommend the list building course from John Schwartz (zeus66 here on the forum). I've learned a lot from this course and I'm making profits from my own lists, both in the IM niche as other.

    Here's a link to his WSO:

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    any free ones ones that people have listed as reports maybe through a sign up?
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    I know this post is old, but in case anyone else comes by this post looking for the same things, I'm currently a member of DotComSecretsX which for the first 30 days, that's all they cover is autoresponders, email marketing, affiliate marketing, setting up squeeze pages, etc, etc... They even have automatic squeeze page generators that you can access in the members area. All you have to do is copy and past your Aweber form code in and push a button and it generates a stunning squeeze page with your affiliate code built in. It's an awesome course and I highly recommend it for anyone trying to figure out how to actually make a little to a lot of money online and in the shortest amount of time. It's basically free for the first 30 days (it's only a $1 for the first 30 days to join) and the areas I mentioned above are all covered in-depth during those first thirty. Most members are already making money by the time their second month's membership comes due. If anyone would like to check it out you can do so by following this link. Yes, I'll get an affiliate commission if you go through my link, but I really am a member and I really do believe in this coaching program. If you do use my link, allow me to say thank you in advance. DotComSecrets X

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