Would you subscribe to "DIY Photography Tips for Webmasters"?

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Hi All,

I've been brainstorming product ideas again, and testing product launches. The last couple of things I tried flopped so I'm at it again

I've been reading Jimmy Brown's "Membernaire" and brainstorming ideas from there.

In any case, I see people talking about stock photography and graphics here a lot. And in many cases, particularly with newbies, like writing most seem to assume it's easy to do. (I can type, I'll write my own articles. I have a camera, I'll take my own pictures) So instead of buying quality photography for their own sites and projects, they feel they can just do it themselves instead.

Now - also like writing - many people who try this end up wondering why it doesn't seem to be working too well, and some realize quickly that lots of things aren't quite as easy as they look.

So with that said, I've been brainstorming some ideas related to photography specific products and/or services and here's the idea I like the most...

A low cost monthly membership - say $5-$10, designed specifically with webmasters and/or marketers in mind, which gives you in depth photography tips each week with photo examples.

So for instance, one lesson/tip might be about food photography and it would have photos of the lighting setup as well as the final food photo. Another might be a tip/lesson on people photography, another on shooting products on white backgrounds, etc.

And since it'd be geared towards webmasters/marketers, it would also have tips and information about web friendly sizing, resolution, digital noise, focusing, and so on.

Does this sound like something you'd subscribe to? Any other thoughts and opinions?

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    I personally wouldn't subscribe to that since there are sites that I like that offer photography help/tips/info for free. HOWEVER, those sites aren't geared toward webmasters so maybe that makes it a bit different...? i dunno. Maybe a one-time fee for an ebook offering all that info?
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      Unless you will be giving me a lot more than any of the readily available photography magazines, no I wouldn't subscribe.

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