How sticky is MassControl et. al ?

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Frank Kern's MassControl giveaway today is so hard to resist. Who wouldn't want to get 9 DVD's of Frank saying "dude" and "crap"? Kidding there, but you know what I mean. There is so much value in the giveaway and so many emails coming out that I'm sure thousands will buy.

The real goal for Frank though would be to retain monthly paying members. In the past I've found that a large percentage of people that get stuff free ( or for shipping ) won't contine to pay.

What do you think the retention rate would be? Does anyone know what is was / is for Stompernet?

I suppose its a numbers game.
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    Well, we all know he is not stupid.

    Knowing that a lot of people will sign up for the $18 and cancel -- I'd say he has some strategy in place to keep people in.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the strategy -- I actually plan on sending him a cancel notice or calling to cancel just to see what he does to try and keep me (but at this point I've not decided to actually cancel - want to see the strategy).

    I'd bet money he has something up his sleeve.

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      I'm guessing here..but...

      I do think it's ahot strategy... not only is his initial exposure HUGE and continuing his solid branding... but it opens the door to potential new customers... some WILL definitely jump on the free boat and grab it then cancel, which is fair because it's an option..

      But on the flipside of that, you'll get those that are in a better position and will really want to keep the subscription...

      Either way he probably has us all hypnotised and he'll rewind and do it differently if it

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      Originally Posted by adaum View Post

      I'd bet money he has something up his sleeve.

      ... guess is simply an 'aaaahhh-F'ing-mazing' offer to be released to the monthly club right *after* the cut off date for refund/cancels. ;-)

      ...that being said, I've seen some of his member level content and honestly can tell you it's *very* sticky...I'm kinda jaded to a lot of products and not a fan of hopping on bandwagons but ... sorry this is just the truth. The dude puts out really good stuff.

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    It's not that hard for me to resist.

    Let me explain..

    First of all, a thousand or so people paid $2,000 for the Mass Control course back in February. Now he's essentially giving it away for $18.00. And, if it's footage from the free bonus seminar that happened in April, well, that was supposed to be exclusive to Mass Control owners. You know, people who paid $2,000. Now you can get it for $18.

    Second, buyers of his $2,000 Mass Control course were supposed to get dvds of the exclusive 2-day seminar bonus mailed to them. For some reason, that never happened. Sure, we could download the 3 GB or so worth of content from the site, but that's a pain. Yeah, yeah, I know, suck it up and do it. That's not the point. I shouldn't have to. I bought because the information would be delivered on dvd. Rather, it was supposed to be delivered on dvd.

    Third, buyers of his $2,000 Mass Control course were also supposed to get dvds of the course itself after everything had been uploaded. I believe his words were "you get the big box of stuff after it's been uploaded", or something to that effect. Now, that could have been a play on words, so I asked support, and they confirmed that dvds would be coming. Guess what? Haven't gotten those dvds either. I guess if we want the Mass Control content on dvd, we'll have to pony up an additional $18 to get dvds of the Mass Control Seminar that comes with this "free" course.

    Fourth, he said he didn't plan on teaching the course again. Well, I guess technically he's right on that one. He's not teaching it again, he's just giving away the media of him teaching the course in the past.

    Yeah, I think I'll pass. I guess this makes me one of those guru bashers.
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      Andrew - thanks for letting me know in advance that you were getting my materials with the plans of canceling your trial ...just to see what my pitch would be to get you to stick.

      I'm refunding your order and it will NOT be shipped. This way, I can save you the trouble of having to cancel.

      Blackhat guy - All original Mass Control customers are getting the DVDs from the seminar. In fact, an email went out WEEKS ago letting you know and asking you to verify your shipping address.

      Hard copies of the course are also being given away to the original Mass Control customers.

      Yes, there was a delay and it's my fault. I'm an obsessive weirdo. The course was designed to be consumed online.

      When I just burned all the videos to DVDs, they didn't make sense because the "back story" to each video that's included in the members' area wasn't there.

      So for the past 4 months, I've been writing FOUR printed manuals to accompany the physical edition of the course. Otherwise, you'd have a batch of DVDs and little more ...and I'm not comfortable with that.

      Obviously you're not happy so PM me and I'll refund you immediately.

      And for the record, I would NEVER give the Mass Control course away. The contents of the live seminar were different from the course.

      Thank you to everyone who took the trial today. I will do my best to provide as much value as possible.

      And to answer the question about percentages who stick, I'm basing my numbers on a very *conservative* stick rate due to the fact that many people in this market are freebie seekers and tire kickers Andrew identified himself as being.

      We'll see how it works.

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