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I'm ready to start a new blog, I have one quick question.

When choosing a domain name, is it better shorter or more

Ex: vs

And also, is it okay to add "-" (dashes) between words for
domain names? Does it still look professional? I know Yaro
Starak uses one dash for "" sp?

I'd have to use 2 dashes if I use a 3-word domain name, would
that still look ok?

I await your valuable opinions.
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    The shorter the better, it's good for branding purposes. Especially helpful if you plan to start an "authority" website. But if you're making a MFA-like niche site then it's better to have your main keywords in it.

    But as a rule of thumb, yes shorter is better. I don't really like dashes. Dashes just make the domain more complicated and people might not be able to remember your URL. Again, it depends on what type of site you're making but I'd steer clear of dashes and anything longer than 3 words...

    - Ruchir

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