Free Alternative to TubeMogul?

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Got banned as my vids are too commercial for TM.

Is there a way around this problem in TM or do you have any alternative to it.

I know TrafficGyser does the same, but it's not free.


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    Try this site pixel pipe is the only free alternative, I have seen out there hope this helps.
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    Hi bhw1
    Heyspead is an alternative.It is no longer free though.But the good thing about them is that they don't require you to pay upfront.You pay as you use their service.

    They'll charge you $0.05 for one video upload to one portal which in my opinion is not very high.

    Another alternative is that you hire someone fulltime to do the job.You can find cheap workers at sites like and for salaries as low as $200-$300 per month.They'll work 40 hrs a week for you,which I think can generate you better ROI than any paid tool.

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