I see the same banner on every site I visit. Is this a virus?

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Hello guys,

I see the same web banner on every website I go in many different dimensions, even on youtube. Is this a virus?

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    what does it look like lol
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    A virus called GOOGLE, they're in your head man. They know what you eat, and where you sleep.

    It's easy to avoid them with a tin foil hat and grill thongs on your feet. Simply apply these tools, and never log on your computer again...poof. They're lost without you.

    Pssst.. it's called the dart tracking system. It remembers everything you search for, so it can show you related ads on any page you're looking on to increase CTR by showing you something you're interested in.
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    how the banner look like ??

    Google the stalker company and best friend ..

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