bad news... =D

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My first Frank Kern Post!

His Mass Control Giveaway is now SOLD OUT!

Did anyone get a chance to order it?!

That thing sold out faster than a movie ticket to see Batman!
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    The classic "scarcity" tactic.. Good for him..

    As soon as I saw the post topic I knew.. Frank Kern Rubber Neck (he even used bad news in his video) hehhe..

    You know, I tried to check it out at 12:03 and the site was so over loaded I couldn't get a page to load. I tried again at 12:15 and it was sold out.. Hrmm?
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      im still on the order form...missed my chance

      looks like a pretty good deal
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      I was able to get in, but all image links were broken and the sales video was chopping like crazy -- the server must have been crushed.

      Does anyone know if the sales page was hosted on InfusionSoft's server, or on Frank's server? If it was Infusion they need to beef up their back-end.

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