Shelf space, we don't need no stinking shelf space!

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Shelf space, we don't need no stinking shelf space!

Everyone is told that selling online means you don't need shelf space so your overheads are less. Now let's consider for a moment that most offline product developers don't retail their own products, they make deals with retailers who stock their stuff on their limited shelf space and take a big chunk of the profits in return.

So we invent a product then make deals with the people with shelf space (hint: that's the affiliates with decent lists) who take a chunk of the profits in return for putting our product in front of customers.

Now go read everything you can find about getting products into stores and you've just learned nearly everything you need to get your products on to big lists and it won't cost you the massively over priced "Internet" version of the same information.

If you really want you can send me all the money you've saved from this tip ... I won't mind.
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    Hi Andy,

    I liked your analogy between Offline vs Online business comparisons and their relationships to one another. It was on the money!

    Have a Great Day!

    Oh, If your post hadn't landed on the money I would have sent it to you.
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    Excellent insight!

    Some people seem to think everything in IM is new. The methodology isn't new, just the tools!
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    An additional consideration is that not everything in Internet Marketing is a digital product. IM can be, and is, applied to many physical products as well. In which case literal shelf space becomes an issue as well.

    In dealing with affiliates on a physical product, the product creator/seller is going to need a place to store their physical product as well.

    Although digital delivery products are very common in IM, they are not the only products, yet probably 90% of the marketing synopsis I see appear to assume all products are digital.
    • Profile picture of the author Andy Fletcher
      Exactly. Internet marketing is just using the Internet to reach people and tell them about products. It's important to focus on the things that are actually different, not the perceived aspects that don't really contribute to anything. Who cares if we don't have to store our products. In some cases (think books -> ebooks) this is actually a difference but for most products it makes very little difference. Show me a digital lawnmower and I'll invest it your business right now.

      The Internet is an interactive medium, not a broadcast medium. When TV was the big deal you could build a business purely by filling a very generic need (think Coke) and blasting interrupting advertising to the world. That just doesn't work any more. If Coke stopped advertising tomorrow would you drink it any less? I doubt it.

      But what we can now do, that was never possible before, is engage with our customers interactively before they even consider purchasing. Google can show you appropriate ads for stuff you want because they know you are looking for it. You can test the market incredibly cheaply before you commit to expensive product development and find out what people really think. You don't just have to say "hey this is our product BUY NOW!" You can ask, "What do you want?"

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