Is Affiliate Marketing the Front-runner?

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After being a member for a couple of weeks and after looking at different sites, I get the impression that Affiliate Marketing is the money making method that is favoured by most subscribers to the forum. Other programs also feature well in the popularity list but Affiliate Marketing seems to be the front-runner.
Is there a list of Affiliate Marketing sites that had stood the test of time and which can be recommended?

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    What do you mean by affiliate marketing site?
    Affiliate programs to join, or affiliate learning?

    My best tip for being able to sustain a long-term income from affiliate marketing, is to be honest. Really. It might take some more time, but it really pays off in the end.

    I have givaway rights on a lot of affiliate marketing e-books, so PM me if you want some.
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      In terms of building a stable, long-term business, being close to the sale is important. The only way revenue is generated online or off is by delivering value to someone; the work you do for your boss, the product you sell your customer, the referred sale you produce for the company with an affiliate program.

      Since most people around here don't want to sell their own products for some reason and would rather sell others for a percentage of their profit, yes, affiliate marketing is good since it's close to the sale. Since the merchant doesn't have to pay any acquisition costs for affiliate referred sales (sales reps, advertising/marketing, etc), just your commission, you get a bigger cut of the profit than you'd get, for example, in ad CPM for that same company through AdSense, since there are so many other places a chunk of that profit has to go in addition to your click.

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