Is Affiliate Marketing the Front-runner?

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After being a member for a couple of weeks and after looking at different sites, I get the impression that Affiliate Marketing is the money making method that is favoured by most subscribers to the forum. Other programs also feature well in the popularity list but Affiliate Marketing seems to be the front-runner.
Is there a list of Affiliate Marketing sites that had stood the test of time and which can be recommended?

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    Off the top of my head I can think of Commission Junction and Clickbank and Paydotcom.

    Nearly every company selling something on line has an affiliate program of some kind.

    I good way to check for an affiliate program is to google the niche you in plus "affiliate program".

    i.e. pets + "affiliate program"
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      I have covered this in my "Million Dollar Rolodex" which I posted here in the Warrior Forum.

      If you do a search for it, you will find it.

      I cover several dozen top Affiliate Marketing Sites.

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