Best way to advertise a local Adult Entertainment Service?

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Craigslist killed it's adult section... Backpage is dead... Adwords and Facebook doesn't allow it... Wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions? I know local newspapers and magazines, stuff like that.. trying to think of stuff outside the box and preferably online.

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    get you a sexy balloon made up Advertising Balloons|Giant Balloons|Custom Advertising Balloons , just to the point of violating laws, and upset some of the religious groups, without going overboard - The balloons are the cheapest, most effective billboards you can have. Plus, controversy might land you a story in the paper
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    do you have any review copies of the services left?
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    I have a friend who owns such a business. He uses billboards, radio and has a website too... I did the seo for He even tied up with a few wedding planners and gave them commissions for the business they brought. Try it!
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    I very rarely seek out "Adult stuff."
    P ornHub .com has local ads, obviously not free like Craigslist was, but at least they allow it.

    Charlie Sheen needs a new job and he has related experience. :p
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    Billboards and radio are 2 of the best, especially if you can get billboards around airports, major trcuk stops and any where else you might have a lot of visitors stopping through.

    You can also set up some contests and what not to attract more people through your advertising.

    You could also set up wet t-shirt contests and bikini contests at major events that come through town like car shows. Use radio to advertise that you're having the event to bring in more local people, but you'll also be targeting out of towners.

    In Indy, there's a pretty popular place that's ALWAY packed(middle of the day pervs are always there). They have 2 buildings, 1 by the airport and one right in between the ghetto and the rich part. They do a lot of radio ads, billboards and they're always putting on events too. It works for them.
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    Hello If you are still looking for somewhere to advertise, I have a chat line you can do your advertising on. Go to mynuluv dot com and click on advertise.
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