Is There A Better VPN Than Hotspot Shield For WiFi

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I live in the us and go to wifi hotspots to do work is there something better than
Hotspot Shield the last time I used it it slowed my pc down a lot.
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    You can set up an SSH tunnel between a trusted computer (your home computer or hosting company's) and your laptop. As far as I know SSH tunnel will only encrypt everything that goes on in your internet browser. If you want to encrypt all traffic then you need to set up Open VPN on a trusted machine and then connect to it.

    You can find guides on Google on how to do this all.
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    Or use one of the hundreds of paid VPN services available which also work with OpenVPN. I use HideIP VPN, but there are hundreds of them available for just a few dollars a month.
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    Are there any decent free ones that work ok.

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