Who Has Made money through Amazon aStore?

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Hello Warriors,

Has anyone made money through Amazon aStore? Can you share if one can make significant money using this facility offered by Amazon?

Please share some important tips that can make one successful using it.

Thanks in advance for sharing.
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    I got money from autoblog Amazon. Set & forget never maintenance well but there are some sells.
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      I've had success using niche astores. My latest venture is MyWiiShop [dot] com.

      If you like the setup...I purchased it and several others at CesScripts [dot] com
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    I had my estore up on my website for at least 4 years, I have not made a single sale from it, I make more money on my adbrite clicks then anything else on my website, unless you are selling your own product on amazon then it's probably worth just putting that up on your site, other than that it's not worth it in my opinion.

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