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anybody know of a good Joint Venture broker. What should i look for.
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    There is a good service called JVAlerts that might help you.
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      Beside relying on a broker, go and meet friends or potential JV partners at live events such as JV Alert or any local IM gathering in your country.

      I am thrilled to know new friends and learn from them by exchanging ideas. =)

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    Originally Posted by sarahstaar View Post

    anybody know of a good Joint Venture broker. What should i look for.

    Hey, Sarah [and others] -

    Just invest the reasonable amout of time to learn the simple steps of creating your own JVs and you won't need a JV broker...

    If you're interested, see my limited-time WSO below where 43 international marketers [many of whom you will recognize] teach you their insider tips on precisely how to structure and execute long-term profitable JVs.

    "First Contact Secrets" is a step-by-step guide to contacting anyone at any time for any reason, and reveals all the steps in the correct order to creating and nurturing solid online and offline relationships and profitable JVs...

    And as far as I know, these top marketers in FCS never need or use JV brokers, and you shouldn't either IMO.

    Just learn the important JV skills yourself... like any other new skill you learn and master.

    While it's not as simple as the hyped up JV product salesletters promise, it is very doable... and people do JVs every day without ever using a broker and giving up a chunk of your commissions.

    And I can promise you that my WSO is a heck of a lot less expensive than giving away part of your sales commissions unnecessarily...

    [And after you have these easy-to-learn skills you can do JV after JV and never pay any third party a penny of your money...]

    Food for thought -

    Chip Tarver
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    It's not that easy getting JV's if you live in a country where barely anybody besides you are doing serious Internet Marketing.

    So a broker is in most cases the only way. But don't be fooled!
    Even they can drop the ball on you. If your product price sucks, they'll do barely ANY work to help you sell it.
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    What you should look for is someone that is willing to work with you. Since most JV brokers charge per sale, you only pay them if they get results... so they are pretty in demand. A good JV broker with a decent list of affiliates can pretty much pick and choose who they want to work with.

    The real question you need to be asking is "what can i do to make them want to work with me?"
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    -David Raybould

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