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Hi Fellow Warriors,

In the never ending quest to improve my site, if you have a moment, can you please check out my store and give me three good reasons why you wouldn't lay down your hard earned cash.


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  • Profile picture of the author Ernie Lo
    Your site looks great, the only things that come to mind and beleive me, they are minor:

    - Your main page has maybe too many product items shown, it kind of detracts from the value of them. You may want to show less.

    - You could have a "best seller" area.

    - People could get the impression you only take phone orders due to the "order by phone" graphic. And also because at the bottom, where it shows the payment methods you accept, it doesnt show Paypal.

    Just a few things to think about.
  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    Having run a catalog type site before the first thing I would do is move your opt-in above the fold and focus on list-building.

    For the type of products you're selling, there is no store loyalty. Mostly people are price shopping -- maybe factoring in postage and returns policies etc -- but mostly price shopping.

    That 15% off your first order offer has to be right up front. In fact, I'd probably remove the whole "Go organic for great health" banner (how many sales do you think that has gotten for you?) and put the opt-in and discount offer right up there.
  • Profile picture of the author braver55b
    Aestethically it looks very good, but if possible the visitor should not have to scroll from side to side to even see the opt in form, why not put on the left below the text, otherwise it looks good and inviting and if I was in the market for those products I know I would pounce on it.

    Much success.
    • Profile picture of the author jhongren
      after focusing on the design, you must focus on driving the RIGHT TRAFFIC to your site.

      There is no point to have a fancy looking shop with no visitors (or the right visitors) going to the shop.

      Then next is the Conversion.

      People are going into the shop. Out of 100 who went in, how many bought? 99 or 1?


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