Camtasia ==> Youtube - What's The Best Format To Upload?

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I'm looking for any tips on creating a high-quality video for Youtube.

I'm using Camtasia to create a screen capture video which I can save in a variety of formats. I've tried uploading WMV and the video quality on Youtube left a lot to be desired.

I'd like the Youtube video to be as close as possible in quality to the WMV file I see on my computer screen.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your input.

All The Best,

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    Camtaisa can create AVI's.

    Use DivX creator to create a DivX format which is nothing but a compressed AVI without compromising much on quality!

    You know what! Youtube loves DivX

    So use that!

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      AVI does fine, as does wmv...

      You're not going to get DVD quality on youtube,
      at least not that I have seen. If you want your
      viewers to have HQ video, post a teaser to YT,
      then the HQ video to your site, as linked from YT.

      Be Well!
      ECS Dave

      P.S. I thought I had something for comparison, and...
      I did! YouTube - CAM-DS vs. Cam-DS Ver. 1.0

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