I want to start my own blog...need some help

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I really want to start my own blog about a topic I'm passionate about with the aim of monetizing it and hopefully making some money...lots would be ok

Are there any warriors that you know of that have a training course about getting started with blogging.

Non warriors would be ok too.
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    Blogging to the Bank is pretty popular and it covers up the basic blogging techniques you must know. There are a couple of others as well and even free WSOs (I just cant remember the titles).

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    The first thing to do obviously is get your wordpress blog up and running.Content won't be a problem if you are passionate about your subject, then I'm sure you will have a lot to say.
    You will then need to look at Seo and traffic so I would look around the forum for information on those two and work from there.
    Good luck.
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    There's no "right" way to do it. I would say to check out the blogs in the niche you want to go into and see who you like (to get ideas on content). See who you find (to get ideas on how they are promoting). Then reverse engineer things - or even get in touch with them and ask what they use/how they work. That way you've got a head start building a network that you might be able to cross-link and cross-post with once you get going.

    All that being said, check out Yaro Starak's stuff - he has a great free report on blogging and the course he offers beyond that is also excellent and very thorough. I've seen Blogging to the Bank, and to be honest, it's probably not what you're looking for based on your original post.

    Hope that helps!
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    blogging is all about producing quality, unique content and posting regularly whilst marketing your blog through articles, form & blog posting - the best way to lean is to get stuck in and do it to my mind anyway
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    I would recommend that you check out Rosaland Gardner's Affiliate Blogger Pro. The url is Affiliate Blogger PRO (not an affiliate link). Rosalind really knows her stuff.

    Lynn Terry, a marketer that I really respect, has a good review of Affiliate Blogger Pro on her blog if you want more insight. New! Affiliate Blogger Pro w/ Rosalind Gardner

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    I don't understand the obsession with "courses' when all the information that you need is available for free. You just need to know how to write. If you can, start a blog. Get a domain name and good web hosting. Install WordPress with a good theme and start rocking. For monetization, try affiliate programmes and Google AdSense. I am always happy to help!
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    You might want to take a look at Matt Morgan's free WSO "Blogging Tips To Explode Your Profits"

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    Just go for this: Welcome To Super Simple Blogging! | supersimpleblogging.com

    It's free and gets you off to a good start.
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    what you need to do is search for a domain name related to you topic and purchase it. it will cost around $7-$10/Year. I will recommend you to search and buy from godaddy as they are one of the largest in the market. After purchasing the domain you need to find a place to host the domain. I will recommend justhost as they offer unlimited domain hosting, unlimited traffic, unlimited space for your sites and they are cheap. So if you think to start some other blogs you dont need to find the hosting environment again. My recommendation will be using wordpress for blogging. JustHost use cpanel where you can install wordpress by click of some buttons. And enjoy your blogging.
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    You can go to the war room and do a search there. Highly recommended. I have recently released two products zipped up in one that includes my course WordPress For Beginners. You can also check out my offer in my sig.
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    I would recommend the Blog Masters Club.

    Blog Masters Club

    David really knows his stuff. It shows in the price though as it's $497 or something like that.
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    I would google wordpress made easy this would give you alot of great info wordpress is a great blogging platform period.
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    Originally Posted by jeffmullins View Post

    I really want to start my own blog about a topic I'm passionate about with the aim of monetizing it and hopefully making some money...lots would be ok
    I'm not affiliated to either of these two chaps but both offer excellent 'Free' blogging information and resources

    Michael Dunlop (young genius) How To Make Money Online

    Yaro Starak (Just Brilliant) Internet Marketing Blog - Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by Yaro Starak

    Hope they help
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    Hello there! I would strongly recommend a course from Adam Horowitz this dude helped me out in starting up positivity blog. Anyway here is the link Dude I Hate My Job
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    Check out Rusty Moore's Fitness Blog Training: A Full-Time Living from 1 Blog?

    It's completely free and a really good resource on how to get to 100 visitors per day and then 1000 visitors per day.
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    Wordpress and Blogger not bad for free. Also you may use Wordpress.org
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    The information you need is on the internet don't go wasting your hard earned money!
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    Google = best friend!
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    Warning! I have a tendency to zig when others are zagging.

    First let me say (having started -- and ENDED -- several) Blogs are a LOT of work.

    Yeah the idea is peachy keen at first. But when the reality of the daily time commitment hits you -- not so great.

    And if you speak with other almost successful bloggers who found something else to do to make the money -- they would probably tell you the same thing.


    - you can afford to outsource it
    - you are a super time manager
    - you have a dull love life
    - its devoted to something that you are insanely passionate about

    If you go against my advice...

    ...good luck!

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