Which Plugin For Joomla Do You Recommend

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I'm running Joomla and would like to know which plugin you guys use that is very reliable that I can put on my FAQ page...

I'm looking for something that can allow customers to submit questions directly from the FAQ's page if they are having any issues.

Which plugin do you recommend?


Mike Hill
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    Hm. Just use the contact us form that comes installed with Joomla..?
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      Upon further investigation into the Joomla Modules and Components I can't seem to find were I can create a form and assign it to the FAQ page...

      I don;t want a "Here's how to contact me" link... I need an actual form the customer can type a question in along with their name and email and send it to me. Much like a support ticket, but all from within Joomla.

      Mike Hill

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