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We all know Amazon is successful, what I want to know, is Amazon as 'relatively' good at selling high ticket items as low ticket items?

Lets take a commission rate of 4%.On say a $30 iphone case, you get $1.20, and lets also assume that your conversion rate for this as it 'fits' into the spontaneous buy section, is around 8%

Now lets take a $400 item, such as a TV or watch etc, commission @ 4% = $16, and if your conversion rate is say 1%.

Lets throw 'targeted' traffic into the equation of 1000 unique visitors, this means if you are selling the high ticket items, you make $160 monthly, and if you are selling the iphone cases, you are making $96.00 (I KNOW AMAZON COMMISSIONS ARE TIERED, BUT I AM IGNORING THAT FOR THE MO)

So in this case the high ticket items win, however what if your conversion on the high ticket items is 0.3% that then means the lower ticket items win!

I know the best option is to have a range of items and related items where price does vary..... But lets just assume I am selling just one high priced item, would the conversion be relative? Or do people tend to shop around and 'think' more for high ticket items, leaving the Amazon 24 hour cookie useless?

Any advice appreciated.
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    I notice you live in the UK, does Amazon cap commission in the UK?

    I have heard there is a £7 cap per item in the uk, i'm sure someone else on here knows more about this.
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    Why can't you sell both high ticket and lower priced items?

    For example, I have a few sites that sell items priced under $50. These sites collectively get a good amount of traffic and a large percentage of the NUMBER OF SALES. I use these sites mainly to get the Amazon referral percentage higher.

    Then, with my higher ticket priced items, that is where the money comes from, but now with a higher commission
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    I sold Flip Video Camera's via their program several years ago and even with buying my traffic from Google, I was making about $ 1,000. monthly from just the one product. It is possible. The more you sell, the higher the commission.

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    Just keep in mind the commissions for Amazon are retroactive..

    Meaning that if you sell enough items to reach an 8% commission, the commission applies to everything you have sold in that month, even before you broke the commission thresholds.

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    Have you considered trying to see if the products are available on commission junction? The commissions are usually the same or higher and the cookies last longer.
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    Amazon -

    In the past we had product line-specific Revenue Share caps and have received feedback that it can be difficult to understand which product lines have revenue caps, at which levels, and which do not. Therefore, starting July 1, 2009, we will apply a standard cap of £7.00 GBP across all product lines. As a reminder, the cap applies only to individual items and not to the overall value of the shopping basket. It also applies only to Associates who are enrolled in the Programme under the Performance Fee Structure.
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    I've found that it works out close to the same when comparing high-ticket items to low-ticket items since the conversion tends to run higher on low-ticket items.

    So my suggestion would be to list different products with different price points.

    As for the 24 hour cookie, you will find it to play a major factor in your overall sales.
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    As a rule of thumb, I don't sell anything less than $100. The other day I sold an item for $700, and the same user bought about $100's worth of goods to go with it. Happy days
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    You should list both lower priced frequent-sellers and higher priced products.

    You want to get into the higher tiers by volume, then your higher priced products will give you a higher commission.
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    For those with Amazon affiliate sites, do you have a blog with reviews for products that you update weekly/monthly?
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    You mention that best option is to have range of item i have no contradiction with you to this point, but later you told you are selling one item, so i think your conversion will not be relative, and people can tend to shop around thinking that more for high item ticket. Though i don't know your target market.
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    Do a mix. That way you increase your number of sales and therefore your percentage on the rest. So when you do sell something big, you make more because your lower priced items sold more.

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    I just jumped into Amazon stuff recently. I built some websites surrounding super low priced stuff. Some medium priced items $100-$500. And some high priced items over $500.

    So far I've sold quite a few products from $1-$50 and a few between $50 and $250. Nothing over $250 yet but I think it's just a matter of time.
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    The higher ticket items do have lower volume, but it's offset by the larger commissions. So doing the mix is the best way to get the best of all worlds imho.

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    My rule of thumb is to stick with $80 items or more but really the more important focus is to just get as many different sites out there as you can.

    You'll have many unrelated sales due to the 24 hour cookie so although you'll make some small price sales, you'll also get some insights into new products that you might consider going after in future sites!

    If you do your research right, and follow the consumer demand (based on keyword research), you'll set yourself up for some nice paydays.
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    Mix it up, high ticket, low ticket. I use hubpages for low ticket products. My best seller is a novelty mug, people usually buy 3 or 4 at a time, this bumps up my commission rate for the high ticket items.

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