Are article directories sites and just plain directory sites worth anything?

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The reason why I am asking is because I was looking to purchase a couple of sites off of sitepoint and I noticed that the ones that have the most bids are the directory sites. Why are they more popular and what are people using them for? Is it just for the PR standing or for the adsense traffic? This may be a dumb question but i was just curious to what makes the so much in demand?

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    Do a site search on Google for these directories - "site:domainname" and you will see that even a small directory will have around 500 -1000 pages listed on Google.

    In addition, directories are fairly easy to monetise with multiple income streams: advertising, listing fees, adsense, affiliate programs, info products, services.

    Also, building a mailing list is easy; each business listing comes on your mailing list.

    Then, niche market directories become highly targeted, both for the client and for yourself as every listing is targeted to your niche

    Well, I can go on

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      So what would you pay for these directories? I am just curious is this something that I should be adding to my collection or should I avoid them? The only thing I have done so far that is generating income for me is the ebay niche stores. I am trying to open up to new things and noticed everyone is hot to buying directories.

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